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My own Julie and Julia?

In the early days of my knitting journey, I had two resources. My Grandma, and Debbie Stoller. The Stitch and Bitch books sparked a whole new group of people to pick up an old school craft and make it new again.

Back then, it was harder to Google knitting questions. You pretty much had craftsy, knitting blogs, and books.

Which brings me to my Julia/Julie moment. Are you familiar with the story?

I've decided I want to do something similar. I've always loved the Stitch and Bitch books but for some reason I've never knit anything out of Superstar Knitting until recently. So I'm going to knit all of it.
Starting on my birthday, June 5th, I'm going to give myself one year to knit every pattern.* I'm also not going to use Google when I get stuck. I'll learn from the book or from actual fellow Knitters, just like the early days!

I'll probably YouTube this as well as blogging, I'll make sure to post links when I do!

*In the interest of full, honest disclosure I have already started one sweater, it's part of what gave me the idea. However I will knit it in another size when the time comes!

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