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Giant knitting time!

I've been seeing these giant roving blankets floating around on the Internet and have really wanted to give it a try myself. Problem is, where does one get such giant knitting needles? 

Luckily, I have a friend named Kyle. Kyle builds things, like this double neck cigar box guitar:

So when Kyle heard me trying to figure out how to get giant knitting needles, he did some thinking. Then he showed up to dinner the next night with these:

I went home and immediately cast on! Which was actually pretty hard to do. Once I got a few rows in though, it was really easy! 

Keeping an even tension is kind of hard. And I did have to knit standing up. BUT overall it's a blast to knit with these! Kyle made them out of pvc, which makes them really light. I'll probably have the blanket done today! 

Thanks Kyle!

2 Responses to “Giant knitting time!”

  1. So sool! Wherever did you find roving with that big of a diameter?

  2. It's from a giant cake of roving I bought years ago on Etsy. I had barely put a dent in it until now!

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