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Wanna see me in your city? Hear me talk real good?

It's time for me to start booking my year for conventions, classes, knit-ins and general yarn shenanigans! For Knits for Nerds I did a lot of conventions and bookstores, which was awesome and I plan on doing that for Geek Knits as well. But I was also thinking that it would be fun to hit some yarn shops! If you want me in your area, you can always email me at joanofdark at joanofdark.com. Fair warning that much as I would love to visit you in Costa Rica or Alaska, I tend to travel on a budget, which leads me to a lot less exotic and a lot more midwest.

I'm excited for Geek Knits to finally arrive and to meet some more awesome geeks and knitters!


5 Responses to “Wanna see me in your city? Hear me talk real good? ”

  1. We'd love to see you in Oklahoma City!

  2. Come to Austin. Book People is here. Best book store ever!And I know a place you could stay for free.

  3. Yay! The cover looks great!

  4. I think an appearance in the Hartford, CT area would be quite appropriate. One of the designers in the book will call CT home in January ;-)

  5. I preordered my copy! And I'll watch for your tour schedule.

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