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Button, button...

who's got the button?


I get a little obsessed with buying buttons sometimes, so I have to come up with ways to actually USE them! Since I don't sew very well, they have to be used in knitting!

That cowl is very simple to make. 2x2 rib with either a bulky yarn (the pink/orange in the first pic) or two strands of worsted held together. When I got to the second to last row I threw in some buttonholes, bound off, then sewed the buttons on!

*edit- Why is it my instinct, when photographing a hat, to look up at said hat for the photo? Like, "Hey, how the heck did you get on my head Mr Hat?" I mean, I JUST put that hat on my head, and I'm the one taking the picture! I know how it got there! Why am I trying to freaking look at it???

These button brim hats are just crocheted in bulky weight, with a couple button holes added in on the brim. Again, SUPER easy to make.

I just bought 3 large bags of buttons at the store last week, so it seems I'm going to be making a lot of hats and cowls this winter!

2 Responses to “Button, button... ”

  1. Awesome. You can never have too many buttons, as long as they don't replace your eyes.

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