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Shiny yarn!

A couple months ago, I worked up a pattern for a new book (not one of my books, I'm contributing to the lovely Genevieve Miller of Vampire Knits latest) and thanks to a twitter suggestion, used a yarn called Galaxie from Bergere de France. (bergeredefrance.com)
The yarn was incredible, exactly what I needed for my pattern.

A rep for the company sent me a few color cards and I am now officially obsessed! So many cool new yarns to try! I'm actually getting ready to tear out one of my designs and redo it with one of the yarns from this collection. ( Genevieve if you're reading this don't panic, I'll still make the deadline!)

Some pics:

One Response to “Shiny yarn!”

  1. Hi I have a pattern for this wool but would like it in a purple colour and was wondering if there was another yarn I could use instead. Do u have any ideas plz?

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