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Finished Time Traveler and the cult of puff.

Hooray! I finished my Time Traveler socks!

As I've said before, I'm usually not one for knitting socks. I loved making these though, and adore the yarn!

I didn't turn the heel correctly I'm afraid. I didn't have a pattern, I just was at Inconjunction, had some sock yarn, borrowed some sock needles from Laura, and asked her what a standard cast on was. Then I started knitting. So I tried to remember how to turn the heel, but didn't do it at all properly. I realized when I finished the first sock, then said, "whatever" and did the exact same mistakes in the second sock, so that they would at least match.

As I said, LOVE this yarn. I did notice a teeny tiny bit of bleed in all of the cream sections, however. Not a really big deal but I'm wondering if it'll wash out.

Of course, finishing the socks means I have leftover sock yarn. What the hell does one DO with leftover sock yarn?
Oh no. Does this mean... do I have to...

Oh yea! I'm joining the cult of puff! Hexipuffs that is! Why not? I've got lots of little bits of yarn, might as well make a Beekeepers Quilt!

Right. No more goof off knitting! I have DEADLINES! Where did they come from? I mean, I swear they've snuck up so quickly! Are the weeks shorter? Did we move to 20 day months and 12 hour days when I wasn't looking???

I'll leave you all with a cute video of Sassy Burrito howling for the first time, and a sideways video of us racing chihuahuas in a swimming pool.

5 Responses to “Finished Time Traveler and the cult of puff.”

  1. I love that yarn. I made fingerless mitts with it a bit ago. Cute sock! Oh yes, and welcome to Hexi-puff hell, my friend. You won't be able to stop making them. I am on puff # 216 right now. Hehehe...

  2. Oh man. I haven't even LOOKED at how many it takes to make a blanket. I just figured I would keep making them until I thought I was close. But 200+ sounds daunting!

  3. bI am making a full quilt (400+) puffs. I have seen other knitters make cat cushions, seat cushions for chairs, coasters for glasses, etc. These take considerably less puffs, of course. I bet one of the animals you have would love a bed made of puffs. Lol!

  4. Ah HA! Found it!!! They look amazing!! I haven't washed my Time Traveler shrug yet, either, but I kind of like the little bits of bleeding. Good luck on the hexipuffs! :)

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