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Knits for Nerds is HERE (and I'm a big dork about it)

Today is the official release date for Knits for Nerds, but a few little birds told me yesterday that Barnes and Noble had it on their shelves already!
Now, with Knockdown Knits, only a few stores actually physically carried it on the shelves. Borders was one, and a FEW B&N locations had it, but not all, and not the one right down the street from my house. So I didn't really believe that B&N had it on the shelves, not unless I could SEE it.
Which led us to running all of our errands after work, dropping the parrot off at home, and heading over to the local B&N so that I could be a huge dork and take a picture of my book ON A SHELF AT A BOOKSTORE.
We looked and looked all over the crafts section, and couldn't find it anywhere! Finally, Dill went up to a kiosk and asked a member of the staff where it could be found. (I hid behind a display, hoping that my giggles wouldn't give me away as the crazy author of said book)
He led us up to one of the front display tables, while I did a little jig behind Dill thinking, "My book is on a display table!!!!!". We took pictures, and the workers kept looking at us, probably wondering what the hell we were doing. I probably should have explained, but I was much too shy, even though I wanted to shout at the top of my lungs, "LOOK! THAT'S MY BOOK"!!!!

I am SUCH a nerd...

I've also heard via Twitter that it's not just my B&N with that display, it's all of them! Needless to say, I'm pretty stoked about it.

If you want to check out a cool blog from one of my photographers point of view: go here.

It's pretty awesome, and has some great behind the scenes shots!

9 Responses to “Knits for Nerds is HERE (and I'm a big dork about it)”

  1. Congrats on the book! YAY! I would also be a nerd and taking pictures in the bookstore, if I were you.

    My stepmom is a knitter and is buying the book (cuz I have a pattern in it). Also, my sister, the non-knitter, is buying it for the same reason. :)

  2. You could go back and, you know, sign all the copies. They'd actually really appreciate it.

  3. The book is so much cooler than I could have hoped! I had several friends see it at stores and message me that I HAD to get it (which I already had) so that I could make them things. I compiled a queue for the rest of the year, but it'll have to wait until I finish a scarf for a ref I'm dating. Which is the other (and slightly more time sensitive) reason I am commenting. Do you plan on being at the March 24 bouts? I'll be there NSOing with Dutchland and I need to ask you for a teeny tiny yet very awesome favor.

    If you will, or if you know of someone else that could give me a hand, please email me at anya dot arson at gmail dot com. Knit on!

  4. I have to say I love the patterns in the book, & I'm really happy I bought it. However, there is one tiny detail that bugs me about it. On the Light of Earendil shawl pattern, you say that Galadriel gave the phial to Sam, when in fact, she gave it to Frodo. It just seems a bit odd that a book targeting nerdy knitters would have this fact wrong :(

  5. Oh Anon, you don't know how that bugs me! It's one of those things that I just didn't catch when the designer turned in her pattern and blurb. I was so concerned with making sure the pattern was right, that slipped right by me. It stinks, but there's nothing I can do until reprints!

  6. Aww.....that's sad. Because it really is a beautiful pattern!

  7. It is sad, but it'll be fixed. And luckily, the pattern stays beautiful even with a flub in the intro!

  8. Congratulations! I found your book at Powell's City of Books in Portland, Oregon. I took a photo of your book on display at Powell's but I cannot figure out how to load the picture for you. I am a native southsider myself. My email is smashingtheserene@gmail.com. Email me if you would like the photo!

  9. This book looks super cool and so does Knockdown Knits! It's cool to see another derby girl crafter! I am one of the co-founders of the Rat City Rollergirls (Seattle, WA), but am now retired from skating. I just started a gardening, cooking and crafts blog with a couple of other retired rollergirls from my league though.
    I would love to review your book on there or maybe even do a contest or give-away! Contact me if that is something that interests you: lilly@rakeandmake.com

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