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Ernie got a haircut!

Ernie the Super Puppy gets HOT in the summer. So we took him to Greg The Groomer, who works next door to the coffee shop.

This is Ernie before his haircut.

This is Ernie after

Isn't he the cutest thing ever??? But more important, he's no longer acting like a hot, grouchy, 17 year old dog! He's acting like a puppy again! Sleeping through the night, no more panting, and running and playing with Sassy Burrito!

Next up for a haircut? Flippy the llama!!!

2 Responses to “Ernie got a haircut!”

  1. Oh man, when Flippy gets a haircut can I have some? :)

  2. Too cute! I bet he feels LOADS better. Is he a corgi mix? Looks like he has those short little sausage-fox legs!

    Do you spin Flippy's fiber? If you do, do you process it yourself or send it somewhere to be processed? I keep casting my eyes at llamas and alpacas; my husband says I cannot own anything that is related to camels. What does he know? I'll just call it a horse, he'll never notice.

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