I've been carding, combing, dying and spinning these past two weeks! Here's a sneak preview of what's going to be uploaded to the hand spun section of Cafe Yarns next week!

This is a worsted weight yarn, about 310 yards in bright pink, yellow, and orange! I loved, loved, loved spinning it!

I went a little more muted with this bulky yarn! Brown and blue tones, about 168 yards.

I loved doing this one as well and didn't feel the need to wear sunglasses while spinning it!

Hopefully I'll get the site updated after the weekend. There are tons of new rovings and yarn to post!

Once in a while I miss playing music. It was fun. I was crazy and obnoxious and it was nice to for a shy girl to feel like a rock star onstage.
So when some friends mentioned that they might want my old band Chuck Marten to get together for a reunion show, I said "Why not"?

I think it'll be sometime late this summer, or early fall. We're trying to get some of the original people to sign on. (There was kind of a revolving door thing happening with singers and drummers)
In the mean time, I need to dust off my old bass and hope like hell I remember how to play!

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