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Do you have room in your life for a horse?

These horses are going to slaughter THIS Saturday. Please help if you can! I've copied this from a facebook page, since the fb link doesn't seem to work for everyone.

Attention! Please help!!!! Horses are going to slaughter on Saturday 2/5/11.

FREE to good home call 440-463-4288.

Dr. Stearns, DVM passed away & his son wants everything liquidated immediately, leftover horses that are not sold go to slaughter THIS Sat.

Currently of 52 horses there are still 23 mares some w babies on board, stud is 16.3 TB Stud Conley Key.

All FREE and papered. Call 440-463-42880, 57882 Wright Rd, Barnesville, OH

(This is all the info I have for now - please share this until I can update w/new info - call the number directly if you are serious about giving these animals a home!)

UPDATE: ALL the horses have been adopted! I now have the biggest smile on my face!

3 Responses to “Do you have room in your life for a horse?”

  1. I retweeted Lorraine's link, and I posted this one on Facebook. Now, I'm going to blog it, too. Thanks for getting the word out. Things like this just...break my heart. The sons of a vet should KNOW better.

    I have ridden since I was three years old, so that's 25 years with horses. Every time I see something like this, it still ticks me off. *breathes* Okay, off to blog...~Ali

  2. According to a facebook post these horses have all been adopted.


    UPDATE to everyone of my friend new and old, to all those that helped me in any way they could,wether you adopted to refered people or offered services. Typeing this is soo hard for me because an era has ended. Harmony hills farm is no more. i am proud that its legacy did not go down with these beautiful horses going to slaughter. thanks to all of YOU all horses are now adopted. Bless ALL of you for helping me!!!! Please everyone say a prayer that these horses are with loving people
    special thanks to Katie who took so many. and to Bob and Teresa at the farm whom i ran ragged these past 3 days. BLESS YOU ALL

  3. Thanks so much! I updated the blog!

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