It's been forever since I've done a random picture post!

Here is the lovely Princess, who kept me company at night up North, in the big spooky house that (even though I don't believe in haunted houses) was totally haunted. She trained me to turn the bathroom faucet on for her, and was totally deaf.

I stole this picture from Lorraine. She took a pic of me with darling Cabal. Who is very noble and wise, and liked to lay down on my foot. All 80 bajillion pounds of him.

This is Starkey. Back when it was warm. Long, long ago. He has hair that would put most metal bands to shame.

This is me, playing against Sioux Falls in a sanctioned scrimmage. We won by 200 points. It was freaking awesome.

Tom Klubens took that photo. He is also pretty awesome.

Right. Back to work with me. I have lots of patterns that need to be triple checked, then sent back to my tech editor. Math. Lots of math to be done.

Any volunteers want to do it for me so I can continue procrastinating? No? Darn.

So, for those of you that don't follow me on twitter and missed my rant about this, a couple weeks ago Hillbilly kitty decided to climb inside my purse and pee.
On my yarn.
And my money.
And my KINDLE!!!!

Dill took the kindle apart and cleaned it (luckily most of the pee went onto the case) put it in a bag of rice and left it for a couple of days. When he put it back together, it worked!

However I opted not to save the case. It was an ugly green thing that used to be a day planner, I just had ripped out the outdated calendar. Since I needed a new one, I decided to find it on ETSY!!!

I figured it wouldn't be too hard. I wanted one that zipped on three sides, fit a Kindle 2, had an owl print, and fabric bits at the square to hold the kindle in place.

Okay, so I'm a little specific when I shop.

Luckily, found this site, where they were happy to make one of their cases for the Kindle 2.

I ordered Friday, it showed up Tuesday, and I love it!


highly recommend this shop if you're looking for a kindle case!

Lorraine came to visit again, and she did a blog! Go check it out here!

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