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It's been so long!

I have been so bad about posting lately! In my defense, I am working on the new book, so everything is a bit hectic right now. Doing the edits with the tech editor, plotting the photo shoot, etc, etc.

Lorraine has come to visit me twice now. She came here for our bout against the Chicago Outfit (and got to see us STOMP them) and she came down for Christmas. It was absolutely wonderful. She gave Dill and I custom mugs that her sister made, which say Strange Brew Coffee and have our names on them . She and Neil also went shopping in "the attic" and gave Dill, Jane, Kerrie, and myself some truly wonderful toe curling fan girl squealing gifts.

I subjected everyone to my baking experiments since I now own THIS:

Made bagels:

And pizza, and butternut squash pierogi. All from scratch. It was wonderful. I like that our Christmas is an odd mish mash of friends who are just like family coming around and hanging out, watching Twilight Zone and ranting about how sexist the movie Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is.

I let Lorraine go back home, against my better judgment. She kept saying things like, "job, boss, responsibility" and I finally relented. I only sent her with enough coffee to last a few weeks though, so she will have to come back for more. All part of my evil plans I assure you.

I'll try to be better about posting. Lots and lots keeps happening, and in my head, I have a blog. But actually sitting down and getting time to write one out is proving challenging!

4 Responses to “It's been so long!”

  1. So this Christmas, after spending months trying to get SOMEONE to knit me a jammer (or pivot) hat, I mentioned wanting to knit to my boyfriend's mom (we were staying at her house). She happened to have an intro to knitting set (basically some huge needles and thick yarn with a pathetic little booklet). I looked up on youtube how to knit, and I got the "casting on" part, but I'm not sure I'm doing the knit stitch right... so the boyfriend went out to get me some smaller needles. :)

    Anyway, SO GLAD to see a new post! Love it that you have another book coming out, but I'm having Joan withdrawals

  2. Ok. A little fan-girlery here. Just got your book. Love, love, love! I am a fresh-meat newbie, trying out for the Calgary AB team here in a few months and an avid although totally untalented knitter. Your patterns are inspiring, yet easy to follow. You rock! Write more books, and keep blogging. Ok. Thanks for letting me fawn a bit. Ali.

  3. Ps... for Amber, also check out the Stitch and Bitch book series - they are how I taught myself how to knit.

  4. I found you on Lorraine's site and love your blog. So glad to see you two become friends! Smart move with the coffee...might have to use that trick myself.

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