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Starkey Needs Good Vibes...

For those of you who don't follow me on facebook and twitter, Starkey my mini horse is sick. He has colic, and after treatments Friday failed to work, we ended up loading him into a mini van and rushing him to Purdue University.

If you have a good vibe, thought, prayer, rain dance, etc. to send to a sweet little mini horse, it would be appreciated!

Here he is at Purdue, with some painkillers kicking in.

Also, if you've never seen a horse get an iv, it's not the same as a human IV!!! They go through the jugular. Long story short, I ended up passed out cold on the floor when they did it! Apparently I am no good with blood....

I'm just sitting here now, waiting on the Vet to call and tell me how much longer it'll be until I can bring my guy home. Last word was that I can come get him Tuesday. Word before that was Monday. Fingers crossed it doesn't change again and he gets better!!!

5 Responses to “Starkey Needs Good Vibes...”

  1. Wishing Starkey a speedy recovery!

  2. I want them to keep him as long as necessary to make sure he's stable, not in pain and ready to frolic when he steps out of the minivan.

    I love him. I love you. I'm sorry you're sad.

    My manifestations for Starkey: he's not afraid, he gets yummy food, he has caretakers who know how much his mama loves him and treats him accordingly, he's not in pain, he poops on his own soon and this never happens again.

  3. Good vibes and good thoughts from me to Starkey. I hope he recovers well and gets to come home soon!

  4. I don't have horses now, but I did grow up with them, so I know how awful colic is. I've been thinking of you both all weekend, and will continue to do so. Strength and healing; strength and healing.

  5. I'm glad you caught it early and got him help. Sending much love to Starkey!

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