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Look who is home!

Yes that is a mini van. Yes he fits (with PLENTY of room to spare)!

Purdue University was wonderful to him. They were all giving him scritches and snuggles good bye before we left.

SO good to have my guy home and happy again!

4 Responses to “Look who is home!”

  1. The longer the last post was up, the more anxious I got. I'm glad he's OK!

    (I've never commented before...just creepily stalked your blog. Although I did meet you at the state fair this summer and had a bit of a fangirl moment about it.)

  2. Oh THank Goodness. So glad your boy is home!

  3. YAY! So happy the lil dude's home! We haul our minis around in a cargo van that has no back row seating. It's perfect after my dad installed a ramp!

    (Ellen, glad I'm not the only one!)

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