We have an awesome speed skater on our team. Her mom, who is also an awesome speed skater, offered to come in and show us "a few things".

What she essentially did, was come in and break down the perfect skating stride for us, turns, backwards skating, jumping etc. Things that I have been doing for six years, and doing WRONG.
I can backwards skate, but always had trouble crossing over. She corrected my stance, and boom! Whizzing around the track like I'd been doing it for years!
Same thing with my stride. I'm one of the faster blockers on the team, but I FEEL like I should be faster. She broke down a stride for us, and I realized how much energy I wasted doing it incorrectly. I started pushing more effectively, and I could feel all the POWER in my legs that I don't feel normally. (I also found some new muscles to be sore)

Basic footwork and maneuverability was also a big part of the night. At the end, I felt like it was one of the most beneficial practices that I could have gone to. I wish I wish I wish I had done this six years ago!

Does your league bring in guest coaches to break down basics for you? I love our coach for her ideas on strategy, plays, pushing us hard, etc, but it was nice to have a guest coach come in and show us some basic skating! I have a lot of new things to work on now, that I can incorporate into our normal practice times!

Saturday Naptown Roller Girls faced off against the Maine Port Authority Roller Girls!

For those of you that were there, you know it was an awesome bout. For those of you that weren't... work on that. Our bouts are awesome! You should go.

Attendance seemed a little low, maybe around 2,500 people or a little more. Not bad though considering we didn't have a lot of promotion time for this one!

I had one person bit of FAIL in the bout. Came out of penalty, hit a wall of Maine skaters, blocker pushed her foot back, wheels tangled, she went down... and I got called out. It seriously looked like I back blocked her. Good call on the refs part. It just sucked for me because I didn't! We just tripped up! So right back in penalty I went. *sigh*

Maine did a really weird intro that I didn't get. They were all on phones! Anyone else out there understand it? No one I talked to got it, and it's really bugging me!

After party was wonderful as always! I wore scary boots with scary heels, and did not fall down. This may be, in part, due to Crasher giving me a seat. But it counts as not falling as far as I'm concerned!

Photo by Marc Lebryk

Me whipping Slammy. Photo by Tom Klubens

Me being extremely unlady like.

Oh. And many thanks to my friend Lorraine! I messaged her at some point in the party, with something along the lines of, "are we good enough friends for me to drunk text you?" then proceeded to message her for several hours. Kept me from posting inappropriate things to twitter. Me drunk with a smart phone is a dangerous combination.

Yes that is a mini van. Yes he fits (with PLENTY of room to spare)!

Purdue University was wonderful to him. They were all giving him scritches and snuggles good bye before we left.

SO good to have my guy home and happy again!

For those of you who don't follow me on facebook and twitter, Starkey my mini horse is sick. He has colic, and after treatments Friday failed to work, we ended up loading him into a mini van and rushing him to Purdue University.

If you have a good vibe, thought, prayer, rain dance, etc. to send to a sweet little mini horse, it would be appreciated!

Here he is at Purdue, with some painkillers kicking in.

Also, if you've never seen a horse get an iv, it's not the same as a human IV!!! They go through the jugular. Long story short, I ended up passed out cold on the floor when they did it! Apparently I am no good with blood....

I'm just sitting here now, waiting on the Vet to call and tell me how much longer it'll be until I can bring my guy home. Last word was that I can come get him Tuesday. Word before that was Monday. Fingers crossed it doesn't change again and he gets better!!!

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