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What Sassy Ate Today

Last Tuesday, Sassy got IN THE TRASH!!! She ate all the things that could be eaten, including spicy things. Needless to say, Sassy Burrito did not feel good. She had to go outside constantly, and was a miserable little puppy.

I hope it will teach her a lesson, but as I caught her trying to swallow a button last night, I doubt it.

3 Responses to “What Sassy Ate Today”

  1. 1.) Recipe sounds freakin delicious!
    2.) Sassy will never learn. :)
    3.) Where's the regional tourney recap?! I watch the first game (where your team ROCKED IT) on DNN but then the videos decided to quit working. Boo.

  2. Sassy is a chihuhua? It looks lik e it from her photo and if so, she will never learn...lol. My chihuahua Zoe is the biggest garbage gut ever. She eats things is sick for a bit and then eats more things.

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