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New Challenge!

In my quest to be in the best shape I can be, I've decided to challenge myself! This Tuesday I will be learning how to swim!

My fellow roller girl Racer does crazy amounts of laps at the pool. I asked her if she would teach me to swim so that I can add a new element to my workout and she said yes!

This is going to be a toughie for me. I HATE getting my face underwater! I can sort of tread water, and I can splash myself to the edge of a pool if need be. Actually getting my face wet and doing laps is going to be a whole new level of crazy for me!

BUT I need a low impact cardio workout, and according to Racer this is a great one! So wish me luck! Not only will I be in the water, I'll be, (horror of horrors) wearing a SWIMSUIT!!!!!

4 Responses to “New Challenge!”

  1. I REALLYREALLYREALLY love swimming, and miss it sooo much! Good luck ^_^

  2. That's funny, I was thinking about taking up doing doggy paddles at the pool, in addition to my regular core stuff. Lovely bout this weekend up here in Canada, where seeing derby from the outside of the track inside of in the middle, I realized I have so much work ahead of me.

    Thanks for talking about fitness every once in awhile. It's inspiring and reminds me of what a healthy focus is about. I can turn this 'getting in shape' stuff into a self hating body thing pretty quickly, having very early in life associated all exercise with wanting to be less fat and ugly.

    Sorry about the TMI :D I'll just wrap up and say that swim caps look at lot like streamlined skate helmets and I'm pretty sure there is a way to attach a sticker... somehow.

  3. The biggest thing to think of is "athlete, athlete, athlete". Don't focus on what your body looks like, try and focus on what you want it to DO! Feed yourself like an athlete, not like a girl trying to get skinny. I've found like treating my body as a TOOL for derby, rather than as some sort of IMAGE THING is not only improving my self esteem, it's giving me great results!

  4. I am a great swimmer (lifeguard certified), and I naturally float (fat floats!) but I have never learned how to efficiently do laps. Now I need to search for someone who knows how so they can teach me. :)

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