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What I learned from Roller Derby...

My body is capable of way more than I ever thought it was.

Lately we've been upping our game. Our core is getting more intense than ever. Yesterday during a plank, I felt like my abs were tearing, my shoulders were burning, and there was absolutely no way I could possibly hold it for another second.
But I did. And then another, and another, and another...

It's been that way for the past few months. Our coaches ask the impossible from our bodies, and our bodies surprise us by doing what is asked. I would never know what I'm capable of on my own. When I work out on my own, I do my reps, I follow what I "think" I should be doing. When I work out for derby, I do exercises that I would never attempt, reps and lengths that seem way out of my capabilities.
Only they aren't out of my capability at all! Except I would never know that without this sport. It's pushing me to give more and be better, for myself and my team.

Now if only my coaches could scream that final 10lbs off my body...

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