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Starkey and Flippy

Tonight, if all goes well, we will be moving Starkey and Flippy to a new barn for the summer. New barn = less riding time for me, but more time overall with my horse and llama. So it's a pretty good trade!

We went to their current barn on Saturday and watched my mini causing trouble. (he's usually the instigator for any and all shenanigans)

Here he is causing a little stampede. He does that. A lot.

And as all horsie people know, this is what happens when you brush a horse.

Hopefully the big move goes smooth. I'm going to try and snag a kiddie pool for the llama since the new barn doesn't have a water tub big enough for him. (he sits in it when it's too hot)!

One Response to “Starkey and Flippy”

  1. my favorite part is the end of the first video when the llama wanders into the camera and looks at you. loves it.

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