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I spun some cool stuff!

Some blue and purple. I dyed the fiber then spun it.

Some green I dyed with Kool Aid

Some pink I dyed with kool aid and acid dye mixed together

Some very cool multi colored yarn! I purchased this fiber from THIS etsy shop, one of my faves!

Speaking of which, Rachel and I reopened our etsy in anticipation of the Handiecraft festival next weekend.
It's still a little bare bones right now, but in a few weeks it'll be filled with all sorts of cool things!

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  1. Commenting on other posts (I do this a lot): I have to admit, I've never had a llama! Food works for most mini horse training problems too though. :) With all the green grass in the spring ours always tend to get a little tubby, but it drops off as the grass ages. Love hearing about the animals!

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