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Once upon a time...

I played in a rock band...

and we got to play with cool bands like Fair Verona, L7, Rusted Root, Avec, Killjoy Confetti, and Perfect Nothing.

Some days I miss it. That's all.

8 Responses to “Once upon a time...”

  1. It has been my dream to sing in a band since I learned how to talk. Everybody I know and their uncle have a band, but my friends would always say they "played too tough for a female voice" and crap. A friend had finally invited me to sing a song with his band, and after two weeks of rehearsing on the other side of town (town==Mexico City), my BFF was driving me to the gig, and crashed. Nothing happened, but all the insurance crap was enough for me to miss the show.

    Fast forward eight or so years, and my roommate's band's guitarist's wife won't let him come out and play anymore, so somehow he managed to convince them to let me do the gig on July 17. I am terrified! I can't help but hate the way my voice sounds outside of my head when they replay the recordings.

    Ugh. Anyway. Wish me luck!

  2. Oh good luck! You will have a blast!

  3. Sometimes I miss it, too...

    The last time I played with other people was the band that you, Rusty, Jeremy, and I were considering starting. Ugh, and then I got in that stupid car wreck on the way to practice! Is that officially a million years ago?

  4. I refuse to think about how long ago that was. I think close to a billion years.
    Stupid car wreck.

  5. Ever think about a reunion?

  6. Highly doubtful anon. Though I may some day realize my dream of fronting an all BSG style band where we all dress up as Cylon characters and sing about destroying all the humans.

  7. You should play again, when you're not too busy getting the crap beat out of you. why did you stop anyways?

  8. Choperena how did the gig go???
    And Anon, that is a long, long story that is not suitable for blogging I'm afraid!

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