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What Sasy Ate Today...

It's been a very long time since the last "What Sassy Ate Today" post. I was very pleased with Sassy for her lack of eating things. She's slimmed down a bit, her hips no longer bother her due to her being overweight, and I no longer dread coming home to see what she's gotten her little paws on.
Until yesterday. (apologies for the camera phone picture)

Sassy ate $40. Luckily only $20 of it was marred, and most of the bill is intact, so I think the bank will still take it. The other $20 she was hiding under her belly for later noms.

3 Responses to “What Sasy Ate Today...”

  1. I love that "I-is-so-sorry-mama" pose she's got going on there.

  2. once my dog ate a hundred, and my got out the latex gloves and searched the backyard for all the bits and pieces in the hopes of salvaging it. and THAT boys and girls, is why you should never put your money where your mouth is...
    adorable doggy by the way.

  3. My dog used to like to eat bamboo double-pointed knitting needles, but these days she prefers the baby's stuffed animals-- just the ears though, and only the ones that make that crinkley sound. Poor poor Piglet.

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