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Learning to Spin

I got some practice time in on my wheel this weekend. (Since it rained and I could NOT go riding. BOOO)
I'm making progress I think!

This is attempt number 1. It's a teeny tiny skein the size of my hand.

Attempt number two looked a little better, but I've got lots of kinks where the twist was too tight. I tried adjusting the tension but it didn't seem to help.

Attempt number 3 was lots more fun, but still overtwisting in some places and undertwisting in others. I like the way it looks though! I'm thinking of whipping up a scarf in it. Reminds me of the joker with it's bright green and purple!

Attempt number 4 was a tiny bit of super soft roving. Still overtwisting, but still nice. I'm trying not to get frustrated at my lack of instant perfection. This takes time to learn right???

I just went shopping for some new roving over at Bananamigraine's etsy!

Lots of pretty colors, can't wait to get it and try some more spinning!

2 Responses to “Learning to Spin”

  1. It took me a couple of tries to spin something I didn't completely hate. It is possible to redistribute the spin a bit when winding it up by standing farther away from the bobbin. It won't make it perfectly even, but it helps! And those colors on etsy look really bright and cool ^_^

  2. Wow that looks so fun! I love the colors 0.o

    Did you card the wool yourself? LoL

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