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Parrot Talk

Widget Progress Report

Still biting, though a lot less lunging and trying to take fingers off. Now it's a lot more beaking, but if she's annoyed, she'll squeeze down a bit. We usually just shut the cage, and walk away. Then she starts whining for attention, we come back, put our hand in, if she bites, walk away again. About the third time she'll stop biting.
She WANTS attention, but she doesn't know the proper way to get it yet.
She talks a lot. Way more than I was expecting. If we're in the kitchen, we can hear her muttering and laughing to herself. She has a really creepy, "Heh, heh, heh" laugh. And her muttering sounds like playing a record backwards. She's also started asking for water by saying, "water" or "water is wet". No idea where she picked it up from.
Her other favorite game? Making a door knocking sound, dogs go crazy and start barking. When they calm down, she imitates Sassy's bark, which sets Ernie off... rinse, repeat.
I'm hoping that we'll be able to handle her more and more. She likes us, but she's still terrified of us. For the short time we've had her, I think it's going pretty well!

4 Responses to “Parrot Talk”

  1. Sounds like you adopted a 3-year-old, not a bird! At least he's having fun (poor dogs though lol)

  2. "Water is wet"? She's totally watching Blues Clues or Sesame Street when you aren't home.

  3. African Greys are very intelligent. If memory serves, that famous one (Alex) who died recently not only was able to recognize colors and shapes, but even showed rudimentary reasoning skills (addition and subtraction). I think he was also able to get improvisational with his language.

  4. Dave the funny thing is, she does seem to have some word association. Sometimes she says water for no reason, other than to say water. Other times she says it because she wants water. But she ONLY says "Quit" when she wants you to stop what you're doing. If I'm playing with her feet, or working with her wings.

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