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Derby dreams...

I realized that I never wrote about my first ever derby dream. About a week before our first bout (holy crap, was it really four years ago???) I had my very first derby dream.
I was on the jammer line, and realized that I forgot my skates. I looked down, and I had 1 skate in my hand, but it was a Fisher Price kids skate. The plastic blue and orange kind that you can adjust to your foot size as you grow. I crouched waiting for the jammer whistle, in a total panic. As soon as the double whistle blew I tackled the other jammer, trying to get her skates from her so I could wear them and get through the jam!
I believe, had this been real life, it would have been a foul! Nowadays I could keep a notebook full of nothing but derby dreams. That one was my first, and the most terrifying because I had yet to realize what the hell I was getting myself into. Nowadays I just dream about strategy and plays being executed, and the occasional dirty after party dream...

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