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Meet Pigwidgeon

Casually known as "Widget".

She's about 5. She spent her first 3 years in a cage. As in, never leaving that cage. Then a year of foster, where she got some training, but with umpteen other birds not the hands on attention that she needs.
She steps up, but sometimes needs to step up onto a stick first as she's still nippy.
Words so far are:
Good Morning! (which she tells me every night when I tell her Good Night)
Some other garbled phrases that I can't make out yet.

Noises are:
Slide Whistle
Car Alarm
Dogs fighting
"Shwoosh" (when she's nervous)
The first two notes of the Close Encounters theme.

I'll post more pics and some videos. Right now the videos I have involve Dill and Ferris in the background discussing the merits of Gwar and all forms of 80's metal. I will not subject you all to that.

3 Responses to “Meet Pigwidgeon”

  1. Wow! Is she a new pet? Or are you just bird sitting or fostering?

  2. Oh yea! New pet! We were going to start with fostering, then she was available and we were like... uhhhh ok!

  3. Congratulations! She's a cutie!

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