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Cafe Slouch!

I was really missing my Cafe Slouch, since I sent the sample to Knit Picks, so I decided to make myself a new one out of Wool of the Andes Bulky in Sky! I've made about 4 of these things so far, but I never get to keep them! One I gave away for a photo shoot, one was literally purchased off of my head, one sold to Silver in the City, and one went to Knit Picks. (Though it's on it's way back to me, yay!)So I made myself a new one, in blue this time!

Be kind. These pictures were taken at 5:00 this morning!

Since I had some leftover from the blue, and some purple from the first few hats, I made myself another slouchy hat!

Considering I wear hats almost all the time at work (my office is FREEZING cold!) I'm really happy to have a couple new ones!

For those that have the Cafe Slouch pattern, since there was a question in the comments, when you knit it, it looks pointy. When you wear it, you just pull down on the back, and it slouches. The more you wear it and pull it, the slouchier it gets!

One Response to “Cafe Slouch!”

  1. I thought you may have been talking about me for a minute and labeling me a "Cafe Slouch".

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