So as of right before the Holidays, I had lost 43lbs since the Arch Rival Roller Girls bout last season. As of today, I've lost 45lbs since the Arch Rival bout last season!!!!
It's been a very slow, gradual loss, and I'm feeling pretty damn awesome about myself! Playing that bout was an inspiration as the Arch Rival Roller Girls are just in ridiculously good shape, and it showed! (and I saw pics of myself and went, *shudder*)After that bout, I got a wii active and started using it every day. Then I cut out sugar, white flour, and alcohol from my diet. I stepped up my derby training, running, or doing an active workout before and after practice. Plus PUSHING myself harder during each practice! I got the Insanity workout, which is... um, insane! I've only done one day, and it kicked my ass. I'm going to try and do one of those per week, but honestly it makes my legs SO sore it's hard to skate!
I'm seeing more track time this season, and I feel like I've become a better overall skater. I can wear skinny jeans, and have gone down about 3 pants sizes and 1 shirt size. (large to medium)
Only 10lbs to go! I'm hoping to take off the last 10 by March!

I have a couple patterns up for sale on Knit Picks! Check them out!

Pink Pigtails

Cafe Slouch

This article is pretty awesome. (Warning, if you aren't already crushing on Tennant, you might be after this)

( I would love to provide a proper link, but blogger seems to be having issues with that lately. Grr)

Coffee Grinds. I was cleaning out the knock box, and spilled some. She ate them faster than I could blink.

Sassy. On Coffee.

It was a fun night.

Heh. So... the past two weeks have been just nutty here at the shop. We've been catering like mad. Hospitals, schools, etc. On top of that, I've got four patterns that are getting ready to be released, two to a book, two to a website. Silver in the City needs to be restocked, commissions need completion, an ungodly amount of knitting is sitting on my desk, staring at me. So I've been knitting, which leaves very little time for actually feeding myself. The good news, my total weight loss is now over 40lbs! The bad news, I'm hungry and need to eat more!
Yesterday I promised myself I would take a lunch break. No matter how busy the shop got, no matter how much work needed to be done, I was going to take 10 minutes and eat a freaking sandwich. Lattes were no longer going to equal food!
First Dill ate a bagel and I thought...mmm... bagel. When he made his bagel, he raised the tray on our little convection oven in the kitchen all the way up. Obviously, lowering said tray would be way to much work for a busy girl like me right??? Besides, what could happen? So I take some all wheat healthy bread, and covered it with pepper jack cheese (YAY!) and stuck it in that oven. Then I sat down.
Then I thought, "huh, it smells smokey" then I thought, "crap! I was supposed to turn in this pdf half an hour ago"!
So I did that.
Then I remembered the smokey smell. Popped into the kitchen and... my bread was on fire! Not burned. ON FIRE! I blew it out, and it caught on fire again. I thought briefly about grabbing the fire extinguisher, but really, it was just a little fire, and I didn't want to cause a panic in the cafe! Grabbed a towel, grabbed my bread blew it out again (and it stayed out) and ran it out the back door!
All was good. As far as fires go, it was a little one. But it was definitely a tribute to my exhaustion this week!

I ended up eating a totally non cooked peanut butter sandwich!

Saturday was our big bout against Burning River. We beat this team in our second season, but this is season four! Not the same team! And hell, back then we remembered it as not exactly being a cake walk of a victory!
Wednesday we got the news that our top point scoring jammer, Blazin Ace, was going to be out for the game. Oookkkaaayyy.
I let myself freak out, then I relaxed. We've scrimmaged without Ace, we've won games without Ace, yea she is an AMAZING skater, but I'm surrounded by amazing skaters at every practice. I felt strangely serene and confident that we were going to pull this out. (Well, sort of serene and confident. I had a freak out Saturday morning that caused me to drop an Octo Kitty in the mail. That's okay, I'm fine with being the crazy one).
My uniform Saturday was breaking a bit from my tradition. I was still wearing my lucky panties (well, manties. ie, boys boxer briefs) but decided that was ALL I would wear for the lower half. No shorts, no skirt. Reason being I forgot my pants at practice, wore the manties, and frankly, looked good in them! No droopy butt from my shorts that I'm now too small for and they were so comfortable to skate in! I highly recommend trying boys boxer briefs, even if you don't feel comfortable wearing them outside of practice. (Though wear them with tights, because if those suckers rip on your booty...)
Since this bout was one of our three double headers this season, we watched the first half of the Belles bout. It was nerve-wracking. They traded the lead back and forth a few times, and at the half they were within a couple points of each other. The Belles were doing a great job of getting their jammer through, but were also letting the BRRG jammer sneak through right behind her, forcing the Belles jammer to call it off, while only getting one or two points on the board.
We used the Belles half time to warm up and get used to the track. Sport court always takes me a few. It feels like when I first skate on it, my right calf gets really crampy on the outside.
The Belles second half we spent in our locker room, talking, getting ready, staring at each other.. At one point in our locker room, we could hear the crowd just start roaring, screaming, with excitement! Good sign for the Belles! When there were only a few minutes left, the HMIFC popped her head in and told us we needed to start getting ready, and that the Belles were ahead over 50 points. Cool... They had apparently corrected their early mistakes, and were locking down the BRRG jammer. Our confidence level for our bout shot through the roof!

When it was finally our turn to hit the track, I know I was feeling pretty good. BRRG looked good in their warm up, and I had skated against some of these girls in season 2. I knew them as great skaters, but I felt like our team was going to be better... and we were.
Same as the Belles, we had a little bit of a rougher start. But unlike the Belles, it wasn't our defense that was hurting us, it was our time in the penalty box. Some of them were absolutely deserved, I know I went in once for an elbow that was all me. Some others... not so much. BRRG has a technique called "daisy chaining". They spend a lot of time touch each other, taking up the front of the pack with their arms held out. Arms held out and touching = no foul. Arms held out and holding = foul/daisy chaining. TECHNICALLY, if you try to bust through the daisy chain, it should be a forearm block on the person who is holding, not on you for pushing through it. But, at least a couple times, we got calls for back blocking when we pushed through their linked arms.
At the half it was really close, and the refs were talked to about the daisy chaining. It turned out the Belles had the same issue during their bout, but since the refs changed over it was taking them some time to catch onto the issue. Looking at pics to, it would be really hard to distinguish from a refs point of view when there was merely touching contact, or when it was holding contact. It was smart on BRRG's part, because even when they weren't holding, it got in your head. You would see those arms crossed in front of you, in the space you wanted to be, and not want to bust through. Plus the constant touching helped their three in front really stay together.
This is an example of the holding:
Photos by Marc Lebryk
you can see that the hands are actually grasped.
Yet this one:
which "looks" more illegal, is actually legal, since they aren't grasping hands, they're just all touching. I would not have wanted to be a ref in this bout, and making those calls. It's also hard to judge from pictures. I want to see the video to see what it looks like there. By season 4, I've learned that sometimes what I think I see while skating a bout, isn't what I'm really seeing.
The second half we just started pulling away, gaining ground. Our fouls were much better, making everyone's job a lot easier, since we could skate with a full pack.
The last couple jams were bits of personal awesome for me. Sin and I tag teamed a girl on a block, and took her out, but we both went out as well! I went down first, with Sin on top of me. She tried to get up, and slipped, falling down on me again. From underneath her I was screeching, "what is going on????" to which she said, "I'm sorry Joan, I'm not trying to give you anal, I'm just trying to get up"! Which made me laugh! Not only that, but it was a really hard fall, and my knee didn't collapse on me! Bonus!
The second bit of awesome, very last jam, I forced their jammer to the outside. She went out, I slowed down, and she cut back in front of me, and was getting called out right as the clock ran down! Too bad it wasn't earlier in the bout, but it still made me happy!
Another highlight? We had a celebrity water boy, Logan Huffman. He plays Tyler on the ABC show "V". SUCH a freaking cutie! And it looked like he was really getting into the game! He went from, at the beginning, just sort of watching the bout, looking a bit confused, to by the end, screaming, clapping, and cheering for the good jams, just like any other fan. So all you roller girls should make sure to watch "V", and get little crushes on him since he's so dang adorable, and loves our sport just like we do!

It felt good to win, and the after party was an experience like always, which will have to be another post.
For now, pretty pictures for you!

Dora jamming, and you can see Logan watching in the background.

Logan hanging with Dill and Brownie (photo by greg the mayor)

Photo by Dr. X

I'M NOT MOVING!!!! -Tom KluBens

Wall trim. Not like, wallpaper trim, but actual wooden trim that she must have torn off the wall. But here's the tricky part... we don't know where it came from. She was in the living room, which is green. The trim she ate was green. But we can't find any spot where trim is missing on our walls!

Stupid dog.

-who took this pic? Marc? Tom? Dr. X?

Don't get on the bottom of the pyramid, when you, and everyone on top of you, is beyond drunk at the after party. It will collapse multiple times before solidifying, and your shoulder will hurt a lot the next day. (I'm the one in the purple hat, natch)

If you forget to wear your pants/shorts/skirt to practice, no one cares if you skate in your panties. In fact, your team mates will praise the fineness of your 30lbs (!!!!)thinner ass and encourage you to wear said boy panties during the bout.
And if you're a roller derby girl, you probably will...
EDIT- Also, I should add that this is the second time in two weeks that I've forgotten my pants at practice. What the hell?????

The bout is days away, and I have not made a decision on OctoKitty.

Risk fate and keep him here, or look like a stalker and send him to Neil?????

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