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Just a couple of reasons...

that our December 5th bout against Burning River is going to rock!


Are you a fan of the ABC show V? Logan Huffman, who plays Tyler, is going to be our water boy! Dill, Touretta, Val and I all got to watch the last episode of V at his house, and lemme tell you, I have never ever met a nicer (or more adorable) actor! Girls, be prepared to squee at him on December 5th! He totally deserves the attention!

Oh and watch V! I'm excited that with this remake, I don't have my mom refusing to let me watch it because it's "too scary". Once again proving that adulthood rocks.

3 Responses to “Just a couple of reasons...”

  1. The original V premiered in 1983. I don't think there is much question why your mom thought you were too young to watch it. :-)

  2. They re-aired it when I was in grade school. I remember David and I trying to watch it a few times. And I also remember the one time I did manage to watch, it scared the crap outta me!

  3. I didn't remember that!

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