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You know there's a derby girl in the house when...

You hear the door slam, the thunk of shoes being kicked off, and notice a little trail of bloody footprints leading to the shower...
I've been told that the photo of my bloody heel is sickening. So... click the link if you want to see it. I guess it is kind of gross. I'm just used to bloody skater feet.

For the time being I'm practicing. Because really, who the hell am I kidding? I'll end up skating this season. And I'll swear up and down it's my last, and that may be true, or it may not. I am however, vowing not to kill myself this year. I'm not going to Kalamazoo next month. Much as I want to, I would kill myself trying to schedule it, we'll be training two employees (hopefully) and really, they don't need me for that bout. So I will stay home. And it'll break my heart, and I'll be bummed out all weekend, but I just can't kill myself trying to take a weekend off work to get there.
I am however, going to try and get some new wrap and padding for my feet.

3 Responses to “You know there's a derby girl in the house when...”

  1. I heard that squishy, rubbery pink wrap is pretty good. Can't think of what it's called though. Think of it like a gymnastics mat or yoga mat in thinner strips.

    And, yeah, who you kiddin'? We all know you'll be back. :)

  2. You better be back...or this ole Derby fanatics heart will implode and it'll be a real bother and a nasty mess and well..you dont wanna be responsible for al that do ya??!! Course ya dont.

  3. I didn't find that bloody heel pic sickening at all. I feel empty and disappointed now

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