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In which I have no time to say ANYTHING!

Anything except what I will blog when I have time!
Basic synopsis, won the bout, in the closest, craziest game I have played in 3 seasons of derby! NRG security performed a strip tease for our amazing blockers. Murray came in from New Zealand, attended his first derby, and got an enthusiastic greeting from Cleaver! I got hugged by Jack Sparrow, Chewbacca, and Darth Vader all in one night! Dill and I spent Sunday working, installing new counters, and loading the trailer for our stint on Fox 59 Monday morning.
Sassy Burrito ate 2 new things in one day, a personal best for her. She has decided that expensive stinky post bout derby pads are a wonderful thing.

More on all of this, as soon as I get caught up on the 200 unread messages, the sock that needs finishing, the caterings that need finalizing, the pictures that need editing, etc. etc.
Hopefully tomorrow. But with the way today is going... who knows?

2 Responses to “In which I have no time to say ANYTHING!”

  1. Hi Joan,

    You talked me into it. I have been hearing you talk about the Wii Gaming system and it's benefits for some time now and since you got the Active game I've been really intrigued.

    I got me a Wii system and the Active game last week. I'm loving it.

    Thank You. My butt thanks you for getting it out of the chair.

    Having Wii fun in Deathwatchville.

    Hugs, Euphoria

    PS: I lost two pounds already. I may invest in some roller skates someday at this rate. Hee, hee.

  2. Hey that is GREAT! The Wii Active is so freaking fun! It's the only "game" I play on the Wii these days! (though it's seriously cutting into Dill's zombie killing time)

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