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What Sassy ate today...

Ready for this one? A pen!!!

First off, I can't EVER find a pen in my house when I need one! How the heck did she?
Second, does she not realize that jewel cases, pens, and coke tabs can KILL HER?? What the hell dog? She is seriously the dumbest animal on the planet!

I am now off to google puppy insurance plans, in the event that she needs to have major surgery to remove my Honda from her stomach or something.

3 Responses to “What Sassy ate today...”

  1. It doesn't look like she busted the ink....you can at least be grateful for that, right?

  2. Floppy ears on a chihuahua = bad dog. It has been documented.

    Mine, on the other hand, is a perfect angel. (Typed as I spy, from my right eye, doggie puke on my pretty hardwood floor).

  3. I think a crate is cheaper than doggie insurance...

    You could at least try it out for awhile. Does she eat the majority of the stuff while you're not at home?

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