Memorial Day weekend rolled around. Which for most people meant a lazy three day weekend doing yard work, cookouts, etc. Not for coffee shop owners, and especially not for derby girl coffee shop owners!
Friday we kicked off with some bluegrass music from a band called Big Wilson River Band. It's hard to tell what a band is going to sound like, and there is always the fear that we'll be forcing smiles, watching the clock, waiting till we can go home. Luckily, this band totally rocked! They were fun as hell to have in the shop, and if they weren't from New Jersey we'd have them here a lot more! Still, a late night for us. We got done around nine, went home, hung out with the pops until 11ish, then off to bed!
Saturday started off with a bang. It was a busy morning, trickling off around noonish. Dill and I darted out of the shop, and ran over to the game store, where I had Wii Active on hold. We also had to run around and get mulch for our much neglected yard, and some stuff to do housework. A quick supply run, return to the shop, and then home. I set up the Active to get a quick workout in. I try to work out every day, especially if I don't have derby practice that day. I have been bouncing between running, the Wii Fit, and the Gold's Gym Cardio workout for wii. (which is seriously a good work out)!
The Active is not as involved as the wii fit, ie, no body fat, bmi, weight goals... it has a TON more workouts than the Wii fit does. I found myself really working up a sweat. Jumping, squats, boxing, tons of stuff to play around with. I really like the 30 day challenge. A "trainer" sets up a workout routine for you based on how hard you want to work out. Mine set me up on running, in line skating, boxing, squats, side jumping, bicep curls, and tricep extensions. Each little workout is only a few minutes long. It's intense, so you feel the workout, but it's over quickly enough that you don't get bored. I haven't even really cracked into any of the tennis/volleyball/basketball stuff yet either! After a couple hours of working out, Dill and I ate dinner, then worked on the house. We are SO far behind on our garden. Dill needs to build me boxes for the strawberries and tomatoes. But first, he needs to find TIME to build the boxes. And we need to yank some bushes out of the front, put mulch and new dirt down.. ugh. It's getting away from us I'm afraid.

Sunday at the shop was pretty busy, again, first thing in the morning. It was quieter than our normal Sunday, which we expected, based on past holiday weekends. We did an okay day, and it was pretty much over by noon, though we hung around until almost 2pm before closing.

While most people were winding down for the relaxing weekend, us derby girls had to hit practice Sunday night. And for those of you in Indiana, you know exactly how hot it was in our non-air conditioned practice space! Add in the fact that I was really sore from the Active work out, and it was a tough practice overall. Really exciting though. There is nothing like really pushing your body to it's limits.

Monday, we did get to sleep in! We had the kids open the shop, since we were only going to be open until noon. We woke up to the sound of rain, and knew that we should go in. Sunny Memorial day = dead coffee shop. Wet, rainy Memorial day = rush! Sure enough, we logged into the security system and saw the girls getting hit with lots of customers. We bounced on over, fully ready to jump in and help them out, and found that they were fully in control and capable of handling the rush on their own thank you very much! So we relaxed on the couches and had coffee, talked to customers. Next, we went over to look at some cabinets for the shop. Measured, found out they will perfectly replace the metal table we currently use for our brew station, and headed BACK to the coffee shop to meet the espresso repair guy to find out what parts we need to do some upgrades on our espresso bar.

Finally, we were done! The rain had ended, the sun was shining.. time for cooking out and relaxing right? Um no. Derby practice was at 7pm that night! So instead we cleaned the bedroom, I got in another good workout on the Active, then headed off to practice. Once again a butt kicker practice. Suicides, squat skating/sprinting drills, and more ab workouts than I care to think about. Round it all of with scrimmaging, then MORE core workouts and sprints... I was fully wiped by the time practice ended.
I came home, showered, and found out that the wonderful Mr. Dill, for all of his disappointment that derby kind of trumped our weekend, was his awesomely supportive self, and had made me a big gigantic salad, a hunk of watermelon, and some veggie patties. AND, for the bonus points, he had queued up the next episode of Dr. Who to watch. Major, major points for Mr. Her0 for that one!
So while I didn't get a nice relaxing weekend, I did get some bloody feet, some sore abs and quads, an aching shoulder, and a feeling that I wouldn't trade my crazy derby schedule for all the relaxing holiday weekends in the world!

This first one isn't for sale on Etsy. It's Kyla, named for my niece. I dyed it months ago and made some arm warmers for her out of it. Just now getting around to uploading pics! Dang I'm bad...

Kyla unraveled

Transgender- Because it's blue AND pink! Get it? Heehee.

Raver Girl. Bright Fushia and Gold

Highlighter! Because I am obsessed with neon colors, I did this skein in Fushia and Neon Yellow.

Highlighter Close up:

Candice- Named after my friend Candice. She's a lover of the burnt oranges and reds of fall. It took about 3 shades of orange to get something I was happy with!

Now to get them uploaded to ETSY...

So Dill and I got free passes yesterday for the new Terminator movie! Great right? Um yea.. except I had practice! With our Ft. Wayne bout this close there was no way I could skip a single practice or workout. So Dill took Rusty to the movies, and I got to go sweat and bleed for 2 hours at the secret lair.
It was a good practice. We had a really, really hard workout, and lots of core, so I'm glad I went. And Dill, being a sweetie, totally brought home a little bit of movie popcorn for me ;) He said the movie was great, but is refusing to tell me more until I go see it. He said it was not as good as the new Star Trek, but I don't expect it to be.

Over the weekend, Dill was in Evansville calling a double header for the Demolition City Girls. I spent Saturday working out like crazy, upping my cardio and working on squats. This was a bit of a mistake, considering Sunday's practice was nothing but scrimmage, sprinting, and leg training. I was so sore! As always after a practice though, I was pretty hyper. So I dyed some new bare yarn that I got in!

It's for the Handicraft Exchange coming up. The girls I share an etsy store with always get a booth.
The pink and orange was really fun to do. I could not get the right orange with acid dye, so I ended up dumping in a bunch of kool-aid and food coloring to get the orange brighter. I would still love to get an orange as neon as the yellows I've been able to get! More experimenting I guess! Oohhh, that means I get to order more bare yarn!

Years and years ago, when Dill and I bought our coffee shop, we didn't have the money to do everything we wanted to do with it. Our main focus, at first, had to be of course, the COFFEE! We worked and worked to find the perfect roaster the perfect syrups, the perfect drinks, etc. Then we moved onto food. Building a little kitchen, planning a menu, etc. Then we hired,fired,hired, and trained employees. Fixing things that were part of the original build out, that were done... wrong. Plumbing, flooring, etc. Then we build up the catering portion of the coffee shop. All of that of course, increased our sales (YAY!) and has kept us very, very busy for the past few years. Now, finally, we've been getting to the aesthetics of the shop! We've changed some things. New couches, outdoor seating, paint, etc. But the tables and chairs... I've never been fond of. But how could we afford all new tables and chairs? We got a quote once. It was... high.
This is what our cafe chairs look like:

They're okay.. but not right for our shop. Then, and I don't know why it didn't occur to us sooner, we thought.."why don't we just recover them"? I did it to my chairs at home, so why not here? So we've been out buying fabric, and recovering chairs. We're doing a few at a time. One, we're really busy, and can't do that all at once and two, I don't want the fabric to be all matching and boring. So we're just grabbing cool fabric as we find it.
Dill attacked some chairs the other night. Here's the first one he did:

This is the face he had most of the time he was doing the chairs...

And at first, I was not sold on this fabric. But now I really kind of love it! Retro western is cool now anyway right?

So four down so far... about 30 more to go!

I think I give up. I'm going to have to crate train her.
Boys, you might want to go play Mario or something instead of reading this post. It will bore you to tears...

I have an obsession with Gwen Stefani. Scratch that. Not Gwen Stefani as a personality, or a performer, more with her style. Especially, the lipstick. Keep in mind, that I am a pale, pale blond. So I am always super impressed when another blond can pull off bright red lipstick. I have tried, but only pink and gold seem to love my lips. Occasionally the maroons will work for a night out.
Anyway, I always try new shades of red, hoping that something will work. I found a shade that I thought was pretty decent, not too orange, and wanted to test run it. However, they were out of the matching lip liner. Red lipstick, or any dark lipstick, for me = must wear lip liner. It's a must. After WEEKS of searching, I found some red lip liner, that worked for the lipstick. Used it once, oddly enough, on my eyes, as eye liner.
So this lip liner, is in my purse. My purse, is by the couch, as I am knitting out of it while Dan and I watched Transformers Tuesday night. I left it there a couple of times, while I went to the kitchen for water.
Wed, I got sick. Left work early, ran home to find... splinters of wood EVERYWHERE! Dan looks, and realizes it is in fact, my much sought after lip liner. Sassy had gotten it out of my purse, and hid it for later destruction. Keep in mind she ate WOOD SPLINTERS!!! Argh! She could have died!

Stupid. Stupid. Dog.

And now I have no lip liner.

One of my customers has a client in Bloomington that just purchased a yarn store. So he brought me back two skeins of Jitterbug sock yarn, with the deal that I will use one of those skeins to make his daughter a pair of socks!
I started her socks, but of course can't post them until she has them! I cast on for mine as well, in fun purple yarn!

It's really pretty. The yarn is nice and stretchy too.

I've had a really busy couple of weeks. Derby practice (which I missed last night, along with a few hours of work due to a weird sickness that struck me QUICK...ugh)! and work have both been incredibly crazy. Graduation parties and teacher appreciation days have been keeping the catering side of the shop super busy. Mothers day was total madness at work too. We had one hour where we grossed more than we typically do all day on Sunday! Dill and I were wiped after wards, but still managed to go see Star Trek in Imax with some friends. Of course, it was awesome. I wish we could afford to see it again in Imax, but I'd have to sell a car or something! Sheesh!

Alright, back to it. I have socks to knit!

Okay, I'm going to have to mush what should be two blog posts, into one blog post, as I am slipping further and further behind. The reason for that, is the greatest little piece of tech on the planet, the new Kindle!
The whole family, in laws included, chipped in so I could have a Kindle 2 for my birthday. (which isn't until June.. but I digress) Knowing how badly I wanted one, and how my book addiction was slowly taking over the house, time was of the essence here!

When the box first showed up on my porch, I was surprised by how light it was! The size looked about what I imagined as well. Then I opened the box, and realized about half the weight, and half the size were just in the packaging! The Kindle is so little! It's thinner than my ipod, and comfortable to hold in one hand. The screen is slightly larger than a paperback book page.
The pros I've found on it so far:
The google and wiki functions really come in handy.
The size. I can't get over how light this thing is. I didn't have a case for it, besides the one I knit. I ended up taking an old day planner, having Dill cut out the binder, and using that as my carry around case. It fits in a day planner!!!
The reading page itself. It isn't a strain on my eyes the way my computer screen can be. It really does look like paper!
Being able to bounce around between books. The kindle always saves my place for me.
How EASY it is to get a new book!
It lays flat. Ever try to read a book and knit at the same time? You have to hold the book open with your toes. Not so bad with a hardback. Paperback? Forget it! The kindle will just lay flat, making it easy to knit and read! Bliss!

The cons:
Okay seriously, I could spend some money on this thing! It's so easy to be sitting in a vet office, feeling bored, click a button and have a new book to read! They could add up pretty quickly!
I haven't dropped it yet, but I imagine it would not survive a fall. It feels kind of fragile.
Ummm... really. That's all my cons. I was going to make "no book light" a con.. but it's not really. I just need to get a book light for reading in dim light. I've never, ever, ever, loved a piece of tech as much as this kindle. Not my ipod, not my cell phone, nothing. Kindle is now number one in my heart. Especially over you laptop that I'm typing on! With your blinky screen and missing keys. Grrr.
So the Kindle. Get you one. That is my review. Now I need to wrap this up so I can go back to reading!

Chicago Outfit brought their A team and B team to a double header scrimmage against Naptown this Sunday. I was really looking forward to it! I've heard a lot about the Outfit, but never actually seen them play. I saw them passing us in the backrooms of Fall Brawl, but that was about it.
I got to the space before everything started. It was exciting to watch the Belles get out there! The Belles ran a tight pack, shutting down the Outfit's jammers from the get go. Ivanna started the whole thing off with a 10 point jam for the Belles, and I think may have even racked up 17 points in one jam! They were all hitting hard, making it a good scrimmage to watch! I think the final score was 100 and something to 44, in favor of the Belles.

Our turn out against the A team was exciting. We had to drag poor Jen X and Ivanna over to the A team, since a couple Sirens couldn't make it.
Our first half was shaky ground. The Outfit hits hard, just as I thought they would. It took team hits to knock them to the ground for the most part. Also, gray helmet panties are the cleverest idea ever! It made it really hard to see their jammer in the pack, since that gray just blended right in with their gray shirts. Their most aggressive jammer was #M-80. She would push, pull, whip her way through the pack, without ever slowing down. Didn't matter if you were on her team or not, she would use you to get through! The way we finally figured out how to stop her was a team effort. She always wanted the inside. Every single time. Even if she had a better chance of taking the outside. So when she was on the line, we knew that the inside was where we needed to group our efforts against her. Let her have the inside like she wanted, then close in and hold her. Most times it would work. It was a play we only figured out in the second half.
Second half was where we found our footing. The first half of the first half (does that make sense?) there was only an average of a ten point spread. When I looked at the score at the end of the scrimmage, we had won 100 and something to 30 something. Second half was definitely our game!
The only other issue I saw with that team, was that they weren't paying attention to their less aggressive jammers. In fact, one of them, knocked me down, INTO their jammer, causing her to fall, when she was pretty close to getting through. They just weren't keeping an eye on it.
Other than that, the team is really good. Hard hitters, with a very brisk pack speed. We've struggled in the past dealing with slower teams, but that was not a problem with these girls. They like to run a quick game, which makes it much more fun!
I can't remember her full name, but Lola (?) is a great blocker for them. Really agile, and great at rotating. All their blockers were really good at the rotation, but she really stood out. Just fantastic to play against!

After the scrimmage we all feasted on pizza and cupcakes and popsicles! Nothing in this world is better than a popsicle after a really hard work out in a really hot warehouse! Then, getting ready to leave, discovered that one of the chicago gals had a flat tire! The boys tried to get her old one off and the spare on, but it was rusted on. Luckily, there is a semi repair place next door that was happy to air the tire up for her, but you could hear the air hissing back out! A few frantic phone calls found a place that would put the tire on if she got there by six. So Rick and Karen led them to the place so they wouldn't get lost, and to make sure the tire didn't blow on the way.

Overall a great Sunday. I just wish they had brought some merch down! Their logo is awesome, and I need a shirt!

Ready for this one? A pen!!!

First off, I can't EVER find a pen in my house when I need one! How the heck did she?
Second, does she not realize that jewel cases, pens, and coke tabs can KILL HER?? What the hell dog? She is seriously the dumbest animal on the planet!

I am now off to google puppy insurance plans, in the event that she needs to have major surgery to remove my Honda from her stomach or something.

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