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This is seriously, the coolest thing ever!

SJ sent this over to me yesterday. My jaw dropped. I have never been so amazed and flattered in all my life!


It's number 4.

Wow. Just. Wow. I need to track down the artist and see if I can buy a print.

Number 8 is also extremely cool. Hey! I'm due a tattoo....

4 Responses to “This is seriously, the coolest thing ever!”

  1. That is stunning. You are stunning in it. Wow.

  2. That looks awesome!
    I'm a freshmeat derby girl with Victorian Roller Derby League in Australia. and am on Ravelry too, was VERY excited last weekend to find Knockdown Knits in my local Borders!! (I bought it of course) :)

  3. Awesome hipichic! I have one of your shirts and wear it all the time! I love it!

  4. The Tees are wicked :) I must get around to setting up an accout with my derby name...What do you think of Hurricane hipi?

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