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Neil Gaiman just completed my perfect weekend.

So not only did we stomp on Green Country last night (more on that later), not only did I have some awesome jams, some great blocks, and just an amazing game overall...
Neil Gaiman blogged about my coffee again yesterday.
See: http://journal.neilgaiman.com/2009/04/all-questions-all-time.html

That makes me happy. Now I must drink some tea, find some really greasy, horrible food which will hopefully either cure my hangover, or make me get sick. Either way, I will feel better. Then a bath. Because my wrists smell like derby. Ick.

Final score btw? 160 to 36 in favor of Naptown.

I love my girls. Love, love love them.

One Response to “Neil Gaiman just completed my perfect weekend.”

  1. Great game last nite Angel!! You rule. Now scrub yer wrists...

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