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Elbow Deep in Dye

I have been so freaking busy lately! We've been catering, literally, every other day for the past couple weeks! Which is great, but it really takes a toll on my blogging!
I have adventures about yarn shopping with the boys, why we went to BJ's instead of Fireside, or the super fantastic Oaken Barrel, how much beer a girl can consume on a yarn buying high... etc. etc.

Instead, I'll just try to catch up a little bit at a time!
This is what I did last Thursday, while the boys were drinking their half price Oaken Barrel Growlers.

More yarn dying! I have no idea what I'm calling this one yet. It started out all blue, but then I wanted to make a bruise, by adding purple and black. However, once I added the black, I changed my mind! It just looked too freaking cool as is!


Rusty wanted me to call this one "Rocket Pop". The pink however, was not nearly close enough to Rocket Pop Red for me to call it that. False advertising and all ;) Instead, I made it look like this:


And promptly ordered some red acid dye, so that I can make a rocket pop color of yarn!

Last but not least from my Thursday night... was it the beer talking, or do I want to knit this jacket?


One Response to “Elbow Deep in Dye”

  1. that jacket may be cuter at shrug length with that great funnel collar and bell sleeves.

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