Those of you that follow me on Twitter, are aware that Saturday morning, I was sitting drinking my tea while Dill was leading customers at the shop in a Flash Gordon theme song sing along!
No. Seriously. He was doing something, sang the word, "Flash" and a couple customers, without even glancing up from their laptops went, "ah ah, he'll save every one of us". Or whatever the words are. It was pretty darn funny.
Then Sunday night, I get home from practice, we click on Family Guy, and we see this:

That is weird right?

One of the many joys of derby apparently, according to my dentist, involves some chipped teeth. Which means, this evening, I have to get them fixed. Which means I have to get a shot.. in my gums!
Seriously, I am the biggest needle wuss in the entire world. I get cold shakes, cry, just totally freak out if I have to get a shot! (and no, I don't freak out about tattoo needles, those are totally different. They don't LOOK like needles, and they aren't going in as deep)
When Hillbilly kitty started needing insulin, it took me about 2 months before I could give him the shot without crying and freaking out. I really don't handle them well. So today should be interesting. If there is anything I hate more than a shot, it's getting a shot in my freaking mouth!

We were very luck to have St. Louis, ranked #20 in the nation, come out and play Naptown last Saturday. The Arch Rival Roller Girls were a great team to play (even if one of them did call me a fat bitch.. bwahaha) we had a lot of fun on and off the track. Another quick edit- I should have stressed that the above comment was made on the track, not off. For those of you that don't play derby, we girls talk a lot of smack out there. It's not meant to be harmful or hurtful, it's just verbal crap that comes out of our mouths when we're pissed off and skating. I wasn't offended by it, and I don't want anyone else to be offended on my behalf! I really did laugh it off the next day! I just pray, that someday, when derby goes pro, they do not mic skaters because.. damn. FCC would be all over us!
The game started out rough for us. Our first jammer was send to the box, our second jammer didn't get through, then I go out to block for our team... and our THIRD jammer gets sent to the box! But so does Arch Rivals! We were down 10 points, and I just remember Sweet C yelling at me, "Do you mind? Can you take it?" It took me a couple seconds to comprehend.. crap! Jammerless jam! I needed to be the jammer. By the time I grabbed the helmet panty and headed to the jammer line, all but one of our blockers had been sent to the box. So it was me, vs. a full pack of Arch Rival girls, with one damn blocker to help me out.
Dear... sweet... jesus.
I have no idea what happened. I remember skating my ass off, jumping over a girls leg one time to avoid cutting the track, the whistles going off, and realizing that I had scored, and the other jammer had not. I have no idea how many points I got, I think 9 or 10, but I have to see the video to know. All I know is I got the first points put on the board for Naptown! Yay me!
The rest of the first half was very tight. We would get 4, they would get 4. There was only a 3 or 4 point difference, until the final jam when they got 10 points ahead of us.
The first half of the game was pretty clean. the only thing that was really driving me crazy was that Arch Rival seemed to be pretty handsy. As in, there are hands on my back, that do not belong to my team mate, guiding me off the inside line. When I'm in game mode, that sort of thing drives me bonkers, as it should!
Their announcer was also really good. He kept great stats of every skater, and used that on the mic. Considering some of the NIGHTMARES we've had with "guest announcers" in the past (doing tequila shots, screaming and cheering for their team on the mic, being just overall... horrible!), it was nice to have one that was actually really good on the mic. EDIT- Just to clarify, not EVERY guest announcer has been horrible. (D'nouncer Duane and the great sock saga is still my fave announcer memory) just... some of them have been less then stellar, and some of them have rocked.
Second half was a lot rougher. The reffing situation started to get kind of...weird. Cutting the track wasn't getting called, elbows weren't getting called... it turned into a very weird vibe out there. We started falling behind, and unfortunately did not recover. It was a hard loss, but in ways, a lot easier loss than we had against Steel City. Namely because we went out there and felt like a team again. We played well, despite some setbacks, and while we didn't come out on top, we didn't get outsmarted this time. Both teams were adapting, learning the other teams plays... it was an exciting team to bout. I can't wait to watch the video from this one. It'll be interesting to see if some of the things I remember happening got caught on tape.

After party was great of course. Both teams danced together, drank together, and had fun. It's always nice when a team can leave it on the track. I look forward to playing those girls again.
I'll post some pics tonight or tomorrow. I've got a ton of knitting stuff to catch up on. We've also got three bouts in a row coming up! Our Belles in Evansville, us against Greene County at home, then Sirens away to Dixie for a rematch!

Whoohoo! So, for those in the know, if you stayed after the credits for Coraline, you could get a code to enter and win a pair of Coraline Nike Dunks
Of course we all stayed, and went home and entered in the codes. Dill and my friend Rusty, being awesome, and knowing how badly I wanted those dunks, entered in their info, but my shoe size. My friend Rusty got an email today, saying he won the Dunks! Yay me! I'm getting Coraline Dunks!

Now the big question...wear them or not?

So as I've been rambling on for months now, I've been having a really hard time finding the "perfect" wheel. Right before the last bout, I was in a panic, since my wheels were totally bald, and I was sliding all over the place. I finally bit the bullet, and ordered some white G-Rods. I slapped them on right before the bout, which turned out to be a VERY BAD IDEA. They were totally foreign wheels to me, and really messed my game up. I felt sluggish in them. After a few weeks of practice, they were better, but still not my dream wheel, which was upsetting, considering how much they cost. I felt like I got the same happiness level from my Radar's, which are about half the cost.
One of our girls, Katya Lookin, is a wheel whore. Which I hope she doesn't mind me saying out loud ;) She goes through lots, and lots of wheels. Gets some for different surfaces, is always trying new ones, etc. She managed to score a pretty sweet group rate on some wheels, and I decided to go for the pink G-rods. They are grippy, like the white wheels, but more narrow.
The first couple practices on them were really rough. Inside the pack, I felt waaay more maneuverable. On the straightaways however, It felt like I was working twice as hard to maintain the same speed. My shins and calves were burning in ways they haven't burned since my first practices three years ago!
It felt like I was having to trade greater pack movement, and tighter turns on the corners, for my speed. Not too sure if that was something I was willing to do. I figured I would stick with them until my legs quit burning, then see how I felt. Because the burn was just building up muscle right?
Last night, I hit the track like normal. We did pyramids, and I was in a pretty fast group. I began to notice, about halfway through, that not only was I passing people, moving fast, and staying right up front with the fastest girls, my legs weren't burning! Sure my lungs were on fire, but I was going pretty damn fast!
Scrimmage time came, and when I got up to jam, not only was I able to slip through the pack pretty darn quickly, hold my place in the turns, I was keeping good speed on the straights too!
We'll see if Sunday goes just as well, but as of right now, I'm really feeling these narrow wheels! Maybe, after three seasons, I'm finally finding wheels that make me happy!

Indie Crafts gave Knockdown Knits a little shout out!
Check it out here:

The wife will...

Clean out the closet and dye yarn!
Yea, about as fun as it sounds. Dill headed to Evansville Saturday morning to call a double header bout for Evansville. Circle City Socialites vs. Evansvilles B team (their first match!) and NEO Rock n' rollergirls rematch against the Dynamite Dolls. I believe Evansville beat the Socialites by about 160 points (whoa... that is a good B team)! and the Dynamite Dolls lost to NEO by ONE POINT! So close! Our Belles are heading to Evansville next month. Should be a good game!

With Dill gone, I worked at the shop for a while, than ran a bunch of errands to get ready for some group events we were having at the shop on Sunday. I got home, and with nothing better to do, cleaned out our sadly neglected closet. We've been trying for some time to turn one of the spare bedrooms into a closet. I am very motivated for this project, as I have so many clothes... it's just insane. There is no way to fit them all into one closet. No way at all.
After that was done, I still had some excess energy to burn, so I decided to try out some dye. I was watching the sun set, it was a beautiful, warm day.. had to do some warm colors right?
I ended up with this:

Pretty huh? I did discover that red dye is a bit of a pain in the ass. It was hard to get it to dissolve, and to get the right shades. It involved a little more work on my part. Still, the end result made me very, very happy.

Since it was time change night (BOOOOOO) I lost an hour of sleep. Dill and Brownie decided to drive back that night and lost TWO hours, since Evansville IN, is on a different time zone than the rest of Indiana. He was literally coming home at 6am as I was leaving for work. Poor guy. He napped for a couple of hours, then came in at 10 to help us out at the shop, since Sunday's are always so crazy.
We were both so exhausted by the time we got off work, (after 5pm, since we had groups renting us out after hours, including my derby girls.. yay!) that we decided to just grab a pizza. We usually don't get pizza, since I get no cheese, and Dan thinks I'm insane. We both prefer to make our own at home. But, since we were exhausted, we grabbed it, and I splurged on a little cup of cheese sauce. (yea, I know, I make no sense with my eating habits)
So we get home, settle in to catch up on battlestar, I balance my little cheese cup on my plate while the dogs bounce around the couch and *plop*! cheese cup falls off my plate! But wait! Not only did it fall of my plate.. it fell on Hillbilly the cat, who was NOT AMUSED. I wiped him and the carpet up as best I could, but he was still cleaning himself and glaring at me for hours.
I know retribution is coming. Remind me not to set water by my bed for the next couple of weeks!

Part of my catching up on blogging needs to be talking about Saturday. Saturday is our supply run day. It used to be Sunday, but, over the course of a year, Sunday's have gone from, kind of slow, to pretty steady, to omg, we need three people working and are completely wiped out by the end of the day!
So, Saturday morning, we worked the rush, then decided to head with our friend Rusty for our supply run. I begged Dan to hit Mass Ave Knits, since I wanted to make a few new mohawk hats in Naptown colors. Dan was totally not down with that, but he and Rusty did want to go Fry's, which I did NOT want to do, so we compromised. Yarn, supplies, then Fry's electronics. Dan and Rusty pacified me slightly by promising that I could browse the books at Fry's. Books? At Fry's? Hmmm, maybe it was like Media Play. Books, cd's, movies, software... I could get a copy of the Graveyard Book finally! Ok, I was now officially down with this plan!
We hit Mass Ave first, and something seemed a little... off there. There seemed to be stuff everywhere, a desk was overturned, and Susan, the owner, seemed way more stressed than usual. I didn't think too much of it since it was a busy Saturday, and it's a yarn shop, it's going to be cluttered and there is going to be stuff everywhere!
However, when we were checking out, and she was having way more trouble than usual tracking down a skein of yarn for me, she mentioned that she had been broken into the night before! They stole money, and her computer with all of her pattern designs on it! And of course, they trashed the place on their way through! Dan's going to go talk to her this week, and show her how to install security cameras like we have here. Those things have saved us time and time again. (and saved our employees once or twice too!)
While I was checking out, Dan and Rusty found a knit hedgehog. They were in heaven.

Despite my aversion to fun fur, I really might have to make this guy. He's so cute!

Dan wanted photographic evidence of what a "little" yarn jaunt was. That way when I'm home alone, reorganizing my stash, only to have it collapse on top of me and kill me, there is evidence that no foul play was involved. And that I'm a yarn junkie.

Heh. That's not too bad right? Enough yarn for one off the shoulder sweater, one Naptown Mohawk hat, one Bears Mohawk hat for a friend, and you know. Pretty lilac yarn. Because.. it's soft. And pretty. And I might find a pattern that uses it one day.... shut up.

After that letdown news, we made our supply run, then the boys started salivating. Not because they were hungry, but because we were on our way to Fry's Electronics. It's like Toy's R Us for computer nerds, only with discounts. We walked in, they went looking for a back up hard drive for the Mac, and I skipped over to the big section labeled BOOKS. I walked the outside of the shelves first, found the section I was looking for, walked into the aisle and.. huh? Empty shelves, with one copy of Twilight, and a set of the Eragorn books. I backed slowly away, turned into the next aisle marked, "Self-Help" to find more empty shelves, some toys, and some software.
Ooookkaayy... kids aisle. More toys, then Wii accessories. Cookbooks? 2 cookbooks, more empty shelves, language software.
I checked on the boys, they were in the exact same spot I left them. I wandered over to movies, and found a copy of the first, and only, (sob!) season of Moonlight. Snatched it up, did a happy dance, and wandered the movie aisles for about 15 minutes.
Wandered back over to where I had last seen the boys and... they were in the exact same spot I left them. Speaking nerd.
Walked waaay over to office supplies, got my geek on by oogling pretty organizers, checked out some cameras, watched a couple minutes of Wall-E on one of the tv's, popped back into the book section to see if anything had materialized, (it hadn't) headed back over to where the boys were and... they were gone! Yay! Did that mean we were done??
Turned around and... nope. They were just in a similar aisle, comparing one hard drive for a smaller hard drive. Harumph.
Stared lovingly at my copy of Moonlight, then wandered back over to Dvd's where I found the Japanese horror section. Goody! Played in there for a little while, wrote some notes on my phone about titles I want to check out, and FINALLY, the boys were done! yay!
Um no. This is Fry's. Apparently "done" means now it's time to check out the deals in the center aisle. Muttering darkly under my breath that this meant a HELL of a lot more wandering next time I went to the yarn shop, I followed. Finally we got out of there, and decided we needed FOOD. Like NOW. It was almost 4, and we hadn't eaten yet.
Trecked back south, met up with the poppa at the coffee shop, and went home to let the dogs out before we went out for food. Everyone wanted Beer, which on our side of town, gives you about 4 pretty good options.
Shallos is a good place, with it's own beer menu. More beer than any 1 human could possibly enjoy. However, for the vegetarian in the bunch, the food is really lacking, and I was hungry. Shallos has 1 cheese and veggie platter, which can look really promising to the hungry veg. Until you get it, and realize that cheese and veggie means warm broccoli, and a tiny cup of shredded cheese, with ranch. Fine place when you want to get your drink on, and nom some dead cow, but not a good vegetarian choice.
Next option was Oaken Barrel
Great local beer. Great place to chill and hang out, and Dan and Rusty's favorite place on Thursday nights, when the growlers are $5. But once again.. a severe lack of the veggie friendly options.
Fireside was next on our list. It's a cool place. They call themselves a brewhouse, but they don't actually brew any beer on site. They do however, have a really great selection of beer. The food is good, and they have one veg friendly dish that I like, which is a lovely salad. Salad sounds really boring, but this one has goat cheese. I am a sucker for goat cheese. Plus I hardly ever get to have it! So this one was a definite option.
Our final option on our side of town is BJ's at the mall. They do have a really good vegetarian selection, which, when you're going to a place that is heavy on the beer, is really, really, hard to find. However they are a chain. Dan and I tend to try and go local when we go out to eat. Plus, being at the mall, and nearing 5pm all the time, we were afraid it might be too crowded.
It was between Fireside and BJ's, and in the end, BJ's won out. Three reasons:
I was starving, and they have a better vegetarian selection than Fireside.
Dan really, really wanted some of their beer.
Rusty Really, really wanted this obscene chili burger THING, that I am amazed his small ass can even consume.
Luckily when we got there it was pretty empty, though it filled up by the time we left.
Poppa and I opted for beer samplers.

How does someone so skinny EAT THIS???

Seriously! He clears the entire plate!

Since we were there... Barnes and Noble was next door...

I got my copy! Newbury medal on the cover and all!

Dan did not get this. But he looked like he was thinking about it.

Finally we got home, and chilled with the dogs, and some episodes of Moonlight. Well, we chilled.. Sassy was... Sassy.

I am getting caught up with a vengeance mofos!

New yarn is up and listed on etsy!

Blue on Black


Cotton Candy

I have been so freaking busy lately! We've been catering, literally, every other day for the past couple weeks! Which is great, but it really takes a toll on my blogging!
I have adventures about yarn shopping with the boys, why we went to BJ's instead of Fireside, or the super fantastic Oaken Barrel, how much beer a girl can consume on a yarn buying high... etc. etc.

Instead, I'll just try to catch up a little bit at a time!
This is what I did last Thursday, while the boys were drinking their half price Oaken Barrel Growlers.

More yarn dying! I have no idea what I'm calling this one yet. It started out all blue, but then I wanted to make a bruise, by adding purple and black. However, once I added the black, I changed my mind! It just looked too freaking cool as is!


Rusty wanted me to call this one "Rocket Pop". The pink however, was not nearly close enough to Rocket Pop Red for me to call it that. False advertising and all ;) Instead, I made it look like this:


And promptly ordered some red acid dye, so that I can make a rocket pop color of yarn!

Last but not least from my Thursday night... was it the beer talking, or do I want to knit this jacket?


As does Touretta Lynn, courtesy of the awesome Mr. Flakes!


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