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What Sassy Ate Today

1-1981 Red Trapper Keeper that belongs to Dan.

Luckily, not the jr. high through High School drawings inside. Because those things put some Heavy Metal issues to shame ;)

Finally, the little monster is actually in trouble with "Daddy". Bwahaha.

4 Responses to “What Sassy Ate Today”

  1. Ummmm...not to be a dork -but what the hell IS a red trapper keeper??? I am clueless. May I assume that it is NOT foodstuffs?? Will Sassy's lil stomach need to be pumped? 8)

  2. Were you in a coma in the 80's or what???


    She ate the folder that goes inside.

    That dog ate a cd jewel case and was fine, and coke tab... so no stomach pumping!

  3. Were you in a coma in the 80's or what???

    Well...now that u mention it...I WAS the lead singer for 2 goth/metal bands so...uhhh...YES. That coma cost me a LOT of $$$ btw.

  4. See, this is the upside to being a packrat family: you have cool stuff. You guys are a house-sized time capsule with way cool stuff.

    I wish I had my Trapper Keeper still. It probably started my organization and office supply fetish. Or was I attracted to it because I was predisposed? Hmmm.

    AND the captcha for this comment is "hymen ave" Ahahahaha!

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