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I would dye for you...

Last night I decided to play with some bare yarn I had. I haven't had time to dye in a long time, and I figured the etsy site was looking a little bare. The yarn was there.. the acid dyes were there... the beer was there... why not?
Dill was out getting the Thursday growlers of beer from the local brewery. They fill your growler (moonshine jug basically) full of beer for $5 on Thursdays. Usually I like Dill around when I dye, since he has a good eye for the earth tones. I'm good at bright clashing neon colors, while Dill is good at subtle browns, greens, and oranges.
But since he wasn't there I opted for bright clashing neon ;)

This purple did not want to photograph. It wanted to look bluish. It's not. It's bright, bright purple.
I decided to add some fushia as well.

And we decided that the Sandman pot would be the yarn dying pot, instead of the pasta pot from now on.

The second batch I decided to use some more of the pink.

And added in some bright, bright green.

Since the acid dye didn't have the shade of green I wanted, I resorted to throwing a little kool-aid in the mix.

Instead of lugging the yarn down to the bathroom, Dill, with some handyman skills fueled by a growler full of beer, devised this for me.

Three finished skeins. One pink, green and blue, one fushia and purple, and one blue and purple. (as always, click on pics to make them bigger)

It not only helped the yarn dry (onto saran wrap covered bowls and plates) it also helped the dying process. While one end was getting cooked with color, I would use the hangers to hang it over the pot, to keep the color from traveling up into the other parts of the yarn.
I like the end results. The only one I'm not thrilled with is the green. The blend from green to pink doesn't fill me with happy thoughts. I might try painting it a little this weekend to see what I can do about the blend.

4 Responses to “I would dye for you...”

  1. I can still see the green when I close my eyes!

    And where do you get $5 growlers? What's the name of this place. Why don't we have something like that down here?

  2. Hi Joan,

    I am here today to invite you (I hate the 'Tag your it' thing.) to join in a meme.

    Link to the person who tagged you.
    Mention the rules.
    Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.
    Tag six other bloggers by linking to them.
    Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment to tell them they are tagged.

    You have been linked in my blog today.

    I loved the dying by the way. Great bright colors.

    Sending Coraline viewing wishes your way today.

    Sincerely, Euphoria

  3. It's still really beautiful though!

  4. Can I sponsor you and get you your own store?

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