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Am I too sentimental?

Went to goodwill today, with the purpose of nabbing some sweaters, and recycling the yarn.
The pickings were slim, but I found one really hand knit, with some really nice wool. Chunky, some big cables that might be kind of a bitch to unravel, but nothing I couldn't handle.
Anyway, while I'm sure it's a hand knit, I check the inside for a tag, just in case it was mass produced, and there is something with the materials list, when I see:

Hand stitched tag on the inside of the neck and... I couldn't do it. I just could not buy that sweater, unravel it, de-kink it, and harvest the yarn.

Maybe I'm being too sensitive, but I just couldn't imagine unraveling some sweet Grandma's hard work that she lovingly knit, and turn it into the boat neck I've been wanting to make.
Am I too sentimental?

7 Responses to “Am I too sentimental?”

  1. You're not too sentimental, it would be kind of like reaching into grandma and taking out her intestines and playing with them. Kind of messy, and not good for the psyche, IMO.

  2. Hi Joan,

    I couldn't do it either.

    Rat that grandma for putting that tag in there.

    I hope you find what you are looking for soon.

    Hugs, Euphoria

  3. Uh...it wasn't so sentimental that Grandma's pride and joy didn't throw it in a Hefty and dump it at the Goodwill...probably after it was picked over and left behind at the preceding garage sale.

    A hand-knit item made by JoD with previously loved yarn would be twice as special.

  4. I second what Ambrosia said.

  5. someone didn't care enough to keep it. I say, take a picture and appreciate it, then rip it. Don't you think that grandma would love to see her creation actually used, instead of just sitting at goodwill?

  6. yup. you big baby!


    beth (big geek)

  7. oh god i might have had to buy it to make sure no one else bought it and ruined it.

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