So, we thought we've been puppy proofing our living room pretty well. We've got the bookcases blocked off, the fireplace blocked off, the stereo blocked off, as well as all chewable cords. The room is also stocked with more puppy toys, blankets, and fun stuff made "just for her" than you could imagine. Throw in the cat that occasionally wanders into the living room, and if you're a dog, this is good times right?
Oh but not for Sassy Burrito! Sure, she has chew toys, and blankets, and all kinds of fun stuff, plus the occasional kitty that wanders in.. but what fun is that when you have... A BIG SCREEN TV?
Yes folks. That is what Sassy has been eating for Lord Knows How Long. The bottom corner of our television. A little nibble here and there every day, until it has gotten too big to hide from mom and dad any longer.
I wonder if the vet would do a tooth extraction for me?

Went to goodwill today, with the purpose of nabbing some sweaters, and recycling the yarn.
The pickings were slim, but I found one really hand knit, with some really nice wool. Chunky, some big cables that might be kind of a bitch to unravel, but nothing I couldn't handle.
Anyway, while I'm sure it's a hand knit, I check the inside for a tag, just in case it was mass produced, and there is something with the materials list, when I see:

Hand stitched tag on the inside of the neck and... I couldn't do it. I just could not buy that sweater, unravel it, de-kink it, and harvest the yarn.

Maybe I'm being too sensitive, but I just couldn't imagine unraveling some sweet Grandma's hard work that she lovingly knit, and turn it into the boat neck I've been wanting to make.
Am I too sentimental?

Recognize the singer?

Or this chick? (warning, takes a while to load)


Not that I've ever done crack, but some girls were discussing season 4 the other night. Are we coming back? Is it too soon to start thinking about that? And my brain started reeling. Roller derby is like a hardcore drug. Here are the 10 reasons that I think this is true.

1. It drains your money. Hardcore. Roller derby is an expensive freaking sport, with no monetary return.
2. It's bad for your body. Broken bones, missing teeth, torn muscles.. injuries that we will still be feeling when we're 80.
3. You are way more likely to get arrested hanging out with derby girls. We are an aggressive bunch when we're together, and very much "momma bears". Guy at the bar annoying a derby sister? He is likely to get punched, and the girl who threw the punch is likely to go to jail. But her fellow skaters are just as likely to bail her out.
4. It's addictive, the first time you try it. Skate roller derby just one time, and there is likely no going back.
5. You'll go through withdraw when you try to quit. One minute you're a derby girl with stuff to do every single night, all this sweaty awesome friends, then you quit and boom! Nothing to do three nights a week, no head rush when you first skate out in front of a crowd... it all makes quitting derby cold turkey almost impossible. That's why most retired derby girls don't quit altogether. They ease out of it by doing volunteer work, reffing, or coaching for their teams.
6. Your fashion sense get's a little bit... strange. While you once looked clean cut and put together, you're likely to find yourself wearing torn tights, socks that don't match, wrist warmers, bandannas, and tank tops with strange logos and symbols on them.
7. Rapid weight loss. Crunches, mile long skating sprints, push ups, hours and hours of exercise... the pounds shed during the first few weeks.
8. You're more likely to try it due to peer pressure. One day, your friend mentions she's trying out for roller derby. A couple of weeks later, you're hanging out with her and her new derby friends at the bar. Next thing you know, 10 girls are all asking you, "when are you going to try out? Why haven't you signed up? Try it! Just this once! One little lap around the rink won't kill you! What are you chicken?"
9. The come down is a bitch. You're bouting, and you are on top of the world! The crowd is cheering, you're knocking girls down over, and over and over again! The bout ends, your team has won, and you're signing autographs for little girls with "future derby girl" ironed onto their tee shirts. Nothing is better than this. Than the after party where you get free drinks, and your uniform gives you line jumping access to the front of the beer line. Everyone wants their picture taken with you, and you're dizzy and giddy from all the excitement. Then you go to bed... and wake up.
Your muscles are screaming in pain. Bruises are starting to appear all over your body. Your head hurts, and you wonder if the blurry vision is due to a hangover or a knock on the head. Your feet are literally bloody, and you wonder why you ever, ever thought this was a good idea.
10. You are likely to whore yourself out for your derby fix. The only way your team is going to survive, and you are going to get more derby, is if you get those butts in the seats at the bouts. So calenders, posters, standing on street corners and handing out fliers... it's all gotta happen, and you have to do it.

There it is. Almost every day I wonder why the hell I do this... swiftly followed by wondering how I could ever live without it. Sitting on the sidelines for the Warning Belles (our JV leagues) first bout was mind blowing. I've never actually watched a home bout before. But it did teach me something. I am addicted to playing derby. No matter how much it hurts, how broke I become, I will be strapping on my skates far longer than what is good for me. Because while it's great to be a fan and cheer your team to victory, it's much, much more fun to be out there making it happen.

I know I haven't posted the great big blog about Coraline yet. I just haven't had time this week to type everything up. My quick summary? I loved it. Visually it was stunning. My one teeny, tiny complaint, (don't read this if you haven't seen the movie or read the book yet) I didn't like that she didn't save herself by her wits at the end. The boy had to intervene. I liked Coraline as the spunky, take charge, save her own arse character.
Anyway, like I said, visually... the movie was stunning. I was, of course, entranced by all the knitwear. Keeping in mind how small everything was, and how intricate, it was just amazing! A couple times in the movie, a cute little blue stuffed toy, that looked like a cross between a kitty and an octopus (or squid, whatever) showed up in Coraline's bedroom. Of course, being me, I immediately got home and started trying to figure out how to make one! I went with crochet, since that's easier to "freehand".

Here's the pattern if you would like to make one yourself!

One size G crochet hook
2 skeins Pattons Classic Wool Merino in Worn Denim
Fluff for stuffing
One extra, extra large button. I couldn't find one big enough, so I ended up having Dill make one out of Sculpy. The picture you see of it now is unbaked. Because I am impatient.

Stuff with fluff as you go, making sure not to stuff too tightly, as it will shrink a bit when you felt.
Using magic circle Sc 8
First Row: 2 sc in each sc: 16 sts
Next Row: Sc in the next st, 2 sc in next st. Repeat around: 24 sts
Next Row: Sc in next 2 sts, 2 sc in next st. Repeat around
Next Row: Sc in next 3 sts, 2 sc in next st. Repeat around.
Next 3 Rows: sc around
Next Row: Sc in next 4 sts, 2 sc in next st. Repeat around
Next 10 Rows: sc around
Next Row: Sc in next 5 sts, 2 sc in next st. Repeat around
Next 14 Rows: Sc around
Next Row: Sc in next 5 sts, sc2tog. Repeat around.
Next 10 Rows: Sc around.
Next Row: Sc1, sc2tog. Repeat around
Next Row: Sc2tog around
Next Row: Sc2tog around

Weave in ends.

From top of body, measure 1" down. Pu and sc 12 sts.
Ch1, turn, sc across
Ch1, turn, sc across
Ch1, turn, sc across
Ch1, turn, sc2tog, sc to last 2 sts, sc2tog
Ch1, turn, sc2tog, sc to last 2 sts, sc2tog
Ch1, turn, sc2tog two times, sc to last 4 sts, sc2tog two times
Ch1, turn, sc2tog, sc to end
Ch1, turn, sc1, sc2tog, sc1
Ch1, turn, sc2tog

Repeat for other side, so ears are even on each side of body. Weave in ends

Legs: (I had to go by screen caps from brief appreances on youtube promo videos. I only counted six legs on the little guy, so that is how many legs I gave him. Which I know means he is not an octopus. But calling him a Sixtopus sounds dirty. EDIT- FIVE legs! See what happens when I blog/design at midnight?

Start 1" from bottom of body. Pu and sc 12 sts in a circle. Sc in a circle for 11". Stuff tube with fluff as you go. Sc2tog until tube is closed. Weave in ends.
I put one leg on each side, and 3 legs in front, since that is the way it looked on the video.

Felt by throwing in the washing machine or shower. It took 2 runs through for him to look like I wanted.
Hope everyone enjoys the pattern! It is just a rough draft, so feel free to point out any issues or questions, and I'll be glad to help! And go see Coraline!!!

Extra pictures:

Weird Octopus Cyclops Kitty Thing from Coraline attacks Dill.... He does not look amused. Probably because he's trying to make his wife a button out of sculpey.


For the curious, those are my wedding cake toppers, for real. Bride and Groom PEZ people...


weird Octopus Cyclops Kitty Thing from Coraline has a temper! It attacks!


Ernie does not approve of this fuckery.



Pimp slapped. Oh hell yes I'm wearing a browncoat shirt.. Jealous much?

It's late. I must awaken and serve coffee to the masses in 5 hours. Night all. Hope you like the freebie!

EDIT: Here is Weird Octopus Kitty Thing from Coraline Mini! Also hi to everyone who's over from Neil Gaiman's blog! Whoohoo!

So, the derby injuries thus far:

Jacked up knee, left side.
Broken pinky, left hand.
AC separation (all 4 of them) left side

Now, derby injuries, I can handle those. I've always been active, combined with slightly clumsy, so stuff happens. I'm okay with that. I've gotten more concussions, sprained ankles, chipped teeth (damn that Girl Scout double dare) dislocated fingers, broken toes, etc, etc than can count.
And I did mention the clumsy part right? The sprained ankles came from tearing down the stairs at home and falling, the chipped teeth from a dare in girl scouts to run in the boys locker room, then run back out, at which point I tripped on one of those butt scooter things we used to play on in gym.
I trip an fall all over my damn house. It's just a fact. Dan hears a crash, crash, bang, and as long as he hears a pretty quick, "I'm okay" or "I'm alive" then he knows he can take his time getting to me. Silence or "OWWW MOTHER...GAH" means he drops what he's doing and runs to find me while the dogs start licking my face and barking.
So yesterday, I survived a really tough derby practice. I got to jam again after taking a little shoulder time off, and hit a grand slam every time. When I blocked, I sent people flying. So much so that at one point I had three opposing blockers ganging up on me! But I got through it. One little bruise, a couple bumps, typical derby.
Then back to work, off to Coraline (another long, long post about that later.. it was an adventure) back to work again and finally... home.
Took a long hot bath, with jets and bubbles. Made dinner, and I was just exhausted. Dill was on the couch, and trying to be kind of funny, I went to flop on it with him. Flopped, and *CRACK*... silence... OWWWWWWWWW! NOT OKAY! Turns out, when I flopped on our nice, comfy, poofy without being over poofed couch, I managed to get my elbow in between the back cushions, and hit my elbow on the wood frame.. Hard. Very. Hard.
After a couple minutes of head down and whimpering, we took a look at it. The swelling was immediate. As was some lovely bruising, but hard to see thanks to the tattoo. I went to sleep on it, carefully draping it across Dill so I could sleep. Woke up a few times whining, then finally took a good look at it when I got up for work this morning. Being me, and being awesome, it seems that I have managed to chip the bone in my elbow on the freaking couch. Not by playing what is essentially football on skates with less padding. Oh no. On the freaking couch.
That darlings, is irony in my opinion.

The yarn, once rinsed, dried, and rinsed again ( I am a little bit hyper about making sure it's colorfast) came out really nice, and is now up on etsy. (2 of them anyways, I can't get a decent picture of the 3rd one yet. Stupid cheap camera doesn't like to capture true color)

Here's a few pics for the link lazy.

New WaveDream

And Punk Rock Girl

Last night I decided to play with some bare yarn I had. I haven't had time to dye in a long time, and I figured the etsy site was looking a little bare. The yarn was there.. the acid dyes were there... the beer was there... why not?
Dill was out getting the Thursday growlers of beer from the local brewery. They fill your growler (moonshine jug basically) full of beer for $5 on Thursdays. Usually I like Dill around when I dye, since he has a good eye for the earth tones. I'm good at bright clashing neon colors, while Dill is good at subtle browns, greens, and oranges.
But since he wasn't there I opted for bright clashing neon ;)

This purple did not want to photograph. It wanted to look bluish. It's not. It's bright, bright purple.
I decided to add some fushia as well.

And we decided that the Sandman pot would be the yarn dying pot, instead of the pasta pot from now on.

The second batch I decided to use some more of the pink.

And added in some bright, bright green.

Since the acid dye didn't have the shade of green I wanted, I resorted to throwing a little kool-aid in the mix.

Instead of lugging the yarn down to the bathroom, Dill, with some handyman skills fueled by a growler full of beer, devised this for me.

Three finished skeins. One pink, green and blue, one fushia and purple, and one blue and purple. (as always, click on pics to make them bigger)

It not only helped the yarn dry (onto saran wrap covered bowls and plates) it also helped the dying process. While one end was getting cooked with color, I would use the hangers to hang it over the pot, to keep the color from traveling up into the other parts of the yarn.
I like the end results. The only one I'm not thrilled with is the green. The blend from green to pink doesn't fill me with happy thoughts. I might try painting it a little this weekend to see what I can do about the blend.

I have been thinking for months about wheels. I go through so many of them, as I'm sure most girls do, and I don't throw them away! I keep meaning to find out if I can recycle them, but I never do. So the past few months I've been trying to come up with something I can do with my old wheels. Tonight, Dill, Ferris and I came up with the perfect idea.

Coffee table.

So if you, or any fellow roller girls, have old wheels you're thinking of tossing, consider sending them my way. Because despite the bags of wheels in my project room, I don't have enough for what I'm wanting to do!

If all goes well... this will look bad ass;) I will collect and clean, Dill and Ferris are working on the actual design/construction.

NRG on WSVX with Jeff Christian
This Thursday (2/5) from 10am - 2pm

It's in Shelbyville but maybe you can get it at your house!

NRG BUSTing out for Breast Cancer at Big Car Gallery
This Friday 2/6 from 6pm-?

Bid on your favorite rollergirls plaster cast and locally artist painted BUSTs and help out the Indianapolis chapter of the young survivors coalition! Mandy Marie and the Cool Hand Lukes will be playing as well...YIPPPEEE!
Final auction to be held during the bout on Feb. 14.

NRG on the Free
Friday, February 6, 2009 11:59 pm

Listen to your gals talk about skating, bouting, busting out for breast cancer and calendar signing. Hear them play their favorite tunes.....get to know your ladies!

With our favorite host, Mr. Tim D!

We are on from midnight Friday night until about 3am!

Calendar Signing
Saturday, February 7, 2009 7:00 pm
Out Word Bound Book Store

Come get pictures and autographs with your favorite Naptown skaters. Buy a calendar and we'll sign it for you and have our picture taken with you. We'll be there from 7 - 8pm!

Out Word Bound Book Store
625 N East St
Indianapolis, IN 46202
(317) 951-9100

Can't wait to see you!!!!

To kick the boys out and do another roller girl knit night. So far we've done a Heath Ledger Movie night, and a Jason Statham movie night... but this time, it'll be all Twilight.
Since the dvd comes out the same weekend as March Bout, we're doing it the weekend after.
Now I just need to think of the perfect vampy drink. That is not a bloody mary, because.. ew.

I did this on facebook, and I thought that I might as well post it here as well:

Okay, this is kind of hard for me, because I consider myself a pretty open book! Everyone already knows everything about me! I'll give it a shot though...

1. I love to dance, but I am the worlds worst dancer. I seriously have no rhythm whatsoever, but put on a good track and I will be the first one on the floor jumping around. I miss the 90's. I could pogo and hit people in a mosh pit and it totally counted as dancing!

2. I never, ever, ever get rid of clothing. I have size 3 jeans from college that I will obviously never fit into again, yet I won't throw them away! And do I really have any more uses for a flapper dress, veil box hat, or a sparkly sequined halter top? Not to mention the horrible, horrible affection I had for sparkly platform shoes when I was 16. I am somehow convinced that if I ever have a daughter she will want these things. God help her fashion sense if she does...

3. I haven't worn nail polish on my fingernails in at least 5 years.

4. My obsession with fun hair dye began when I was 7, and I overheard my mother mention she wished at least one of her kids had been a red head. I got a hold of a bottle of red hair dye (see number 5) and dyed my blond hair red.

5. There is a picture of me, with the rest of my family, in full Star Trek Next Generation uniforms. At a sci fi convention. My mom even dyed her hair red to look like Dr. Crusher.

6. I like comic books, like Grrl Scouts, and Kill Your Boyfriend. It made it hard to date when I was younger.

7. My husband and I don't really talk at home. We sing. Like, "Honey did you feed the dogs", but sung like we're in the middle of a musical. Neither of us know why we do it, we just started doing it when we were dating and never stopped.

8. Oddly enough, I LOVE musicals, and my husband HATES them.

9. I actually like my mother in law, and my sister in law.

10. I've played guitar and bass since I was 12. Which made for a not so pleasant experience for my brother, who got stuck with the bedroom next to me.

11. I love punk music. Not new, melodic punk. Screaming, thrashing, guitars out of tune punk. And I scream along to it in the car. I've got unmarked cd, after unmarked cd of punk bands that would play at Rhino's in Bloomington that would rip and sell cd's out of their van. no idea of the names of most of these bands.

12. I have a very impressive collection of make-up, that I never have time to wear.

13. I love fashion, but during the day can't be bothered.

14. I wish I had more room in my shop, so I could turn half of it into a yarn store. I think my husband has nightmares about what would become of our house if we owned a yarn store...

15. Despite the fact that my brother and I fought like wild crazy children in our youth, I adore him, and secretly wish that a university in Indiana would offer him a job that pays well enough for him to move home.

16. I love my dog, to the extent that I dumped several guys because I felt like they didn't give him enough attention when they came to my house. If I got the "vibe" that they didn't really like my dog, and were only being polite, I would dump them, usually before we even got to dinner.

17. I once kicked a guy in the teeth at a Violent Femmes show, and I think only escaped being kicked out by security because the guy who lost his teeth was 6ft 5 and HUGE, and at the time I was 5' 5 and 90 lbs. I looked really, really innocent and sweet, and denied any wrongdoing. ;) Heh. (in my defense, he did something that warranted a kick in the face)

18. I store emergency knitting. Like, in case I ever get stranded in my jeep, there is half a sock in the glove box so I'll have something to do while waiting on rescue.

19. I am a pretty darn good horseback rider

20. I can knit and read a book at the same time.

21. I spent $8 on my senior prom dress... but almost $80 on the shoes to go with it. And yes, I still have the shoes and the dress. This dress was short, black, with lots of rainbow sparkles, and the shoes were silver stilettos with hologram rainbow straps. Yea baby...

22.I am a pretty happy drunk, except on red wine. Then I turn into a mean drunk. I once hit a guy on the head with an empty bottle of cheap Merlot in college. I stand by the fact that he deserved it. (for reference, this guy also stood on his porch and peed into a girls convertible). But yea.. mean drunk on wine. Which is why I don't get drunk on wine anymore.

23. I've been on the DIY network 3 times. Twice for crochet, once for knitting.

24. When Dan and I were dating, I bought him a baby llama for Valentines Day. He told me I was really weird.

25. I would give almost anything to move to a big farm in Montana.

1-1981 Red Trapper Keeper that belongs to Dan.

Luckily, not the jr. high through High School drawings inside. Because those things put some Heavy Metal issues to shame ;)

Finally, the little monster is actually in trouble with "Daddy". Bwahaha.

Saturday, Feb. 14th, 2009 7:30 pm
IN State Fair Grounds - Toyota Expo Hall

It's the first home bout for our brand new flock of fresh meat!!!! Watch your Warning Belles take on The NEO Rock and Rollers from North East Ohio!

Tickets are $11 in advance and $16 (cash only) at the door.

Tickets are available at: until Feb. 13th at midnight.

And.....paper tickets will be available at Indy CD & Vinyl, Out Word Bound (downtown) and Strange Brew (Greenwood) by Jan. 15th! Advance tickets will remain on sale at these locations until the afternoon of Feb. 13th.

We HIGHLY recommend having your ticket in hand when arriving for the bout. If you order online, order enough in advance to have it mailed to you. Or buy at one of our awesome local locations!

Season tickets are now available!
$65 gets you a ticket to each bout, an autographed 2009 calendar, a Naptown Seat Cushion as well as assorted stickers all inside your very own NRG canvas tote!

All bouts are general admission. Seats are on a first come first serve basis. Tickets are CASH only at the door. Doors at 6:30pm, bout at7:30pm. Schedule subject to change.

Our bouts are family friendly but it is VERY loud! Our fans are excited! If your child is scared easily by loud noise, a roller derby bout may not be a good place to be. We also recommend bringing ear protection for small children.

Directions to the Fair Grounds:

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