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I'm smart and stuff.

I added a slide show! See it? Over there, on your right!

I know, I know, probably not a big deal for most of you. But you have to understand that I have mild technidartdation. I see html, rss feeds, and my head kind of locks up. Technology hates me too. Things that work fine for everyone else lock up as soon as I get near them! Probably because it's learned of my dormant super power, which is now just beginning to manifest itself.
See, over the years, we've always joked about how automatic doors don't work for me. I've run into so many of those damn things because I expect them to open... and they don't. I've colided into them with shopping carts, and of course, my face. Over the years I've become more wary, and I hesitate until someone walks up behind me and the door lets both of us in.
That of course, should have been a sign of my super power. Little did I know, that mild mannered (hah) Joan of Dark, was really... Electornics Killer!!!! Nice ring to it right? It turns out, not only am I just horribly unlucky with computers and such, I also am learning how to KILL THEM!
Two days ago, we walked into the shop, and I reached up to shut off the alarm, like I always do. I went to key in the code, and *ZAP*! Static electricity! The keypad quit working. Or I should say, it worked, it just couldn't be turned off. We had to take it out of the wall, and Dan had to pull wires to shut it off. In the mean time of course, it's called our phones, and left Dan a 3 minute long voice mail of it's death throws. All of this meant that we had to spend a ridiculous amount of money getting the darn thing replaced that same day. Grrr.
That of course, was bad enough, but then later that day, Dan asked me to look at something he was doing on the mac. Set my hand on the keyboard and *ZAP*! Locked the computer up! Luckily it didn't fry, it just freaked out and had to be rebooted.
I've spent the last couple days killing little things. I zap everyone I touched, I locked up my computer, the calculator, my cell phone... which of course explains why all of this technology has hated me for so long. It's not that I'm stupid with computers, or that I have bad luck. They could sense this super power laying dormant in me for years!
I do have to admit though, as far as super powers go... this one blows.

I also have a twitter account now. I'm JoanofDarkKnits on there. I know there is a way to upload that to my sidebar as well, but let's just take it one thing at a time shall we? For now, just look at the pretty pictures.

EDIT- Okay, I am not as smart as I thought I was. That slideshow only shows the first couple pages of my photobucket account, and I can't figure out how to change that. Grrr.

You win this round technology, but the war... the war is still on!

6 Responses to “I'm smart and stuff.”

  1. Ha! I used to be able to turn my old television off and on by touching it. And the picture would fade in and out if I walked near it.

    Also, I can turn on Frida's kong dispenser by just touching it.

    We are kindred!!! Except I seem to make electronics WORK. Hmmm.

    That, or we both wear way too much wool.

  2. I'm the glass man to your David Dunn.

  3. Hi Joan,

    My mother has one up on you. Anything electrical she holds for more then a few minutes bursts into flames. She can't iron clothes. Every car she sits behind the wheel of looses all use of it's radio forever even if you put a new one into it. And alarm clocks go off when she walks by them.

    From now on discharge before you touch anything. Touch something medal for a second and sap the extra electricity. You should be fine.

    Sincerely, Euphoria

  4. You will be a valuable warrior, Joan of Dark, come the day the machines rise against us. Be vigilant.

  5. When that day comes, they will call you Luddite Joan.

    Your costume needs to be a woolen, footed onesie.

    Your nemesis is humidity.

    For the record, I always touch my lamp before I touch my laptop.

  6. Ha! or just good ol' Joan of Arc

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