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What Sassy ate today (well, Friday actually)

(1) cd jewel case. Clear.

Dan just reported that after his trip home to let the dogs out, we must add to the list.
(1) 2" section of couch. The part under the cushions. Apparently she wants to eat the springs. (we take the cushions off when we go to work because she digs)

This dog has no idea how badly I wanted new couches, and how little we could afford new couches, and how incredibly lucky we were to have an amazing customer that helped us get these brand new, awesome couches into our home. She does not realize, that if she so much as LICKS another bit of that couch, I will not hesitate to make sure that she will only be eating moist food for the rest of her unnaturally short life.
Do. Not. Frack. With. New. Couches.

7 Responses to “What Sassy ate today (well, Friday actually)”

  1. I showed my dad a picture of that jewel case. He said, "Oh my GOD is she dead?!?" To which I responded, "No. She seems smart enough to not actually ingest the stuff she destroys; yet she's NOT smart enough to never chew on lethal items to begin with." That's our girl.

  2. Have you thought about crating her while you're gone?

  3. We tried it, but we're gone so long it just seemed really mean. We also tried locking her in the kitchen, but she became an escape artist because she wanted to be with Ernie. So we've blocked off most of the living room. But if we leave anything out, she chews on it. Including my couch apparently...

  4. Crating dogs isn't really mean, as long as you make sure they get lots of exercise. We don't crate our dog Hiro anymore (although we would if he ate things while we were gone), but even after he wasn't required to go into it he would sometimes sneak in there for a nap. It's like the dog's den, where they can feel safe and secure. She might actually be less stressed out if she was crated during the day. Just my 2 cents. You have to do whatever you feel is right.

  5. Although I guess I should ask. How long are you typically gone?

  6. We can be gone for over 8 hours. which is why it felt mean. (we come home and let them out, but it's only for a few minutes).
    I don't think crating overall is mean, we have friends that do it, and we tried to do it with her in the beginning. We just didn't want her to be crated for more than 5 hours a day.

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