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It is possible that I have finally lost it.

I've apparently become so obsessed with the Sandman, that I see him on my cookware.

Dill says it's very telling that I don't see a saint, or the Virgin, or JC.... I see Morpheus. Am I crazy? Does anyone else see the Preludes and Nocturnes version of Dream here? I see him with his head tilted, and his fist resting against his cheek.

My google-fu could not find the exact image this mornig, but here he is from that era.

4 Responses to “It is possible that I have finally lost it.”

  1. Here offa Neil Gaiman's Twitter. I think you are silly. But VERY awesome.

  2. I definitely see it. :D

  3. OMG, I see it too! *g*

  4. i think the pasta tasted better for some reason. hmmm

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