I've apparently become so obsessed with the Sandman, that I see him on my cookware.

Dill says it's very telling that I don't see a saint, or the Virgin, or JC.... I see Morpheus. Am I crazy? Does anyone else see the Preludes and Nocturnes version of Dream here? I see him with his head tilted, and his fist resting against his cheek.

My google-fu could not find the exact image this mornig, but here he is from that era.

Maery from Montreal made this amazing pivot hat. I'm in love with the colors. (see, my purple obsession is rearing it's head again)!

She used Lana Grossa Royal Tweed. I had to add that because if you're like me, you're staring at that yarn and going, "WANT", while helplessly scratching at the screen trying to touch it.
I am on the yarn diet. Not allowed to purchase more. I am however, allowed to swap. So I might just have to take to the ravelry forums and try and snag some!

(1) cd jewel case. Clear.

Dan just reported that after his trip home to let the dogs out, we must add to the list.
(1) 2" section of couch. The part under the cushions. Apparently she wants to eat the springs. (we take the cushions off when we go to work because she digs)

This dog has no idea how badly I wanted new couches, and how little we could afford new couches, and how incredibly lucky we were to have an amazing customer that helped us get these brand new, awesome couches into our home. She does not realize, that if she so much as LICKS another bit of that couch, I will not hesitate to make sure that she will only be eating moist food for the rest of her unnaturally short life.
Do. Not. Frack. With. New. Couches.

Vanity, thy name is Joan of Dark...

Look what I found while googling myself!


It's official! As of yesterday (yes, Christmas) Dill Her0 is officially an old mofo.
He would also like to point out that he is officially in his 40's, married to a woman in her 20's. (at least for a little bit longer)!

It's alright Dill. You may be 40, but you're still a bad ass.

Check out Annie Knuckles beer saver!

If you've got a cool project from Knockdown Knits to show me, give me a pic and permission and I'll post it!

In my typical chaotic workday madness, I was trying to watch the counter, order new gift cards, and finish up some arm warmers. When someone came up to the front, I set my knitting down on top of my purse, and headed to the counter. Made a mocha, came back to my desk, and tripped over my knitting, yanking the WIP and my dpn's directly in to puncture my heel. I felt the needle puncture skin, but when I pulled my sock off, saw that my derby callous on my heel had saved me from any real damage.

See? God likes derby girls! I promise to never, every, bitch about my ugly scabby derby feet again. Or at least not as much.

I say semi-annual since we skipped it last year. As Dan put it, we attempted hating Christmas, and it sucked. So this year we decided to celebrate!

The two weeks leading up to the party were pure madness at the shop. It's been crazy busy with the holidays. We had a catering job every other day, and then huge pick up orders the days we weren't catering. We're talking 5 gallons of coffee, 2 gallons of hot chocolate, etc. We had a full cafe almost every day leading up to the party, all day long. Then of course we had to come home from work, and clean, clean clean! (or in my case some nights, haul my butt to practice)! It's not always an easy thing to do when you've been on your feet almost all day! If we were lucky we would sit down for 10 or 15 minutes at a time! Craziness! Of course, it was all worth it when Saturday rolled around!
I made cupcakes. I don't consider it a Christmas party unless I make crazy color cupcakes. Neon food coloring is my friend.

Here they are after baking.

And after icing. I'm having a love affair with the color purple lately. I'm knitting tons of purple stuff, which is weird, since I almost never wear purple! Weird huh? Apparently my purple obsession transfered to my cupcakes too.

Dan's mom was the first to arrive, and she brought Dan his very own Twilight shirt! Can't you just see the joy on his face???

More and more people showed up. After a few rounds of chocolate martinis (oh bliss...) and fuzzy navels, gin and tonics, etc, the Irish Car Bombs started in.
It was madness. And of course, we did our gift exchange. Dan and I gave away a Srgt. Stroker (don't google that at work) and an egg fryer that turned your eggs into, well, let's just say you need at least 2 yolk, *ahem* balls, for the bottom. Russellmeyer got a weird creepy snowman that vibrates and dances. It was kind of scary.

At one point in the evening, I heard yelling from the kitchen. Wait. I mean, MORE yelling than normal from the kitchen. I walk in to see Cleaver and Dex having a cake fight.

Now this is the perfect example of my derby friends. They will flash their boobs, make you smell their stinky elbow pads, have a cake fight for effs sake (and we won't even discuss what happens when 10 roller girls pile into one bed with a slice of chocolate cake and 32 oz of midori sour), but they clean up after themselves! See, Cleaver grabbed some paper towels after the cake fight and started cleaning it up! Um. While getting humped by Ben. So that is the perfect example of derby friends. They will have a cake fight in your house, but clean it up... while getting humped.
Yea, that pretty much sums up derby people.

Roller Dex after the cake fight.

Brownie missed the action. He was down and out after 4 Irish Car Bombs.

Shadi Layne on the other hand... not only did SEVEN Irish Car Bombs (as well as beer, mixed drinks, and hot damn) she decided the perfect way to spend her evening was as a human chip holder. In case you can't guess, she's the one with the bowl on her head.

All in all, it was a fantastic time with our friends. Not everyone could show up, but we still had a decent turnout of people. We listened to music, everyone did car bombs (except for yours truly) the dogs got loved, petted, given beer, cake, and chips. (after it all fell on the floor of course). And there was only one minor puking incident. Nothing the steam cleaner couldn't handle at three am.
Oh, and speaking of three am, some of you might remember that Dan and I got a piano a couple years ago, when the IU school of music was throwing them out. Dan and I don't play piano. We just couldn't see it go in the garbage! But let me stress.. we can't play, at all! Not one note.
So before Cleo and Ben left, Cleo tried to play a drunken version of Silent Night. But she couldn't remember how to play it and was getting frustrated. Dan, in an INCREDIBLY drunken state, lurched over to the piano, leaned over her, and tapped out an almost perfect version of Silent Night! We all screeched and told him to do it again, but he couldn't remember what he did!
We were a bit sloth like the next day. After a hard couple of weeks, and a crazy party, we did what we only get to do on very rare occasions.. we slept in. I didn't have practice until 5pm, so it was extremely nice to just lay around and get to spend the day with the husband and the critters.
We had no idea it was going to be almost as crazy this week! Usually the week of Christmas is pretty slow, but yesterday we did a solid 3 days worth of business in one day! I was dead on my feet by the time I got home last night. We sold almost every gift basket, bag of coffee, and gift card in the place! Dan was hanging out with his mom last night, so lucky him got to miss the evening rush ;) I'm making him pay for it today by giving me some blog time though ;)

I'm also trying to finish these awesome gloves this week!

A customer of ours, Peggy, inherited a ton of antique buttons. She wanted them worked into some knitwear, so she commissioned a scarf and some arm warmers from me. So far I think they're working out extremely well. I'm just in love with the Malabringo yarn I'm using. It's a Kettle dye I picked up from Mass Ave. Knit Shop. So incredibly soft!
I also sold another 2 button hats yesterday! Yippie!
It's been freezing, and I really want to knit some stuff for my selfish self, but I have 3 special orders I'm working on that need to be done by New Years, so I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon! What was that about the shoemakers kids again?

Alright, Danny has worked hard enough to make up for yesterday, and it's getting busy again... back to work for me!

Not only do they have the coolest website EVER, (www.coraline.com go play!) with a secret hidden knitting pattern, but Bug Knits did all the knitwear for the movie!
I saw some of her stuff at the Radical Lace and Subversive Knitting exhibit when it came to Indy and really, it's just breathtaking how tiny and detailed it is!
Am I a dork that I really want to make the secret pattern and wear it to the movie?

To add to the list:

(1) Acrylic Feather Duster. Orange.

The North Star Roller Girls are now WFTDA!

This should make for some upsets in the rankings!

And you will understand the biggest pain in derby. Not the hip checks, the back blocks, the falling, the broken tailbones... it's the fact that you can never wear sandals with utter confidence again.
Exhibit A.

That is my right (pusher) foot, on the side. And yes, it IS an actual wound, that has bled, glad you asked!
I peeled my sock off Monday night and noticed it was stuck to my foot more than usual and discovered blood!
Now, I've never had the sexiest feet by any means. They're kind of big, and I have weird toes. But I was okay with my feet. I liked sandals and strappy shoes! But these days I'm definitely more of a socks and boots kind of gal. It's not just the gross bleeding wound, I now have huge callouses all over my feet, and what my husband lovingly refers to as my "sixth toe". No idea what it is, but it feels like an extra bone is trying to grow out of the side of my foot.
This is a pretty common complaint among derby gals. Toenails fall off (if you have a strong stomach, check out the injury gallery on www.naptownrollergirls.com), the aforementioned callouses, which crop up all over the foot, extra dry skin.. the feet just become GROSS, for lack of a better word! Which means no more strappy high heels and slingbacks or sandals for me. I could do a whole other blog post about the difficulty in zipping up my fave pairs of knee high boots thanks to derby calves.. but I won't. It's too depressing.

I'm a Siren for another game. Whew!
Joining us this year will be Katya Lookin, Ivanna B. Naughty and Joanie Gouge.
Are you ready for this Indianapolis? New Sirens, new uniforms, and a brand new JV team. Less than a month away, the countdown is on!

Tryouts for the Sirens were last night. I didn't do as well as I feel I could have. I'm going to lay 80% of the blame on me not pushing myself hard enough, but the rest is all on my wheels.
I must find a way to replace my wheels by the first bout. Bald does not begin to describe. There is seriously no tread on 6 of my wheels. The problem is, I need 2 sets. One set for practice, one set for bouts. And we are just way to broke right now.
The other problem is, I'm not sure which wheels to get anymore. I have been skating on these, combined with these for the corners. Much as I like them, I know that they aren't the perfect wheels for me. They've been good enough, and I can't afford to buy wheels that I'm unsure of, in case they don't work for me at all.
Thought I have been eyeballing these babies. The G-Rods. Jane just picked some up, so I might see what she thinks of them first. Then bust into the change jar or something. As a last resort, I might see if I can get my wheels re-grooved.

I have notes upon notes for this bout, and I'll do a detailed bout recap later. But for now, this will have to do.

The first bout was our Warning Belles against the Demolition City Roller Girls. Belles came out pretty strong in the beginning, started lagging at the end of the first period, and just let it slip more and more in the second period.
The reffing was okay. They weren't calling when the jammer went out of bounds on the outside of the pack. That worked both for us and against us, so it was at least called evenly.
During one jam, Ivanna B. Naughty got called out for a foul. She serves her penalty, and when she came back out, stumbled, and fell. The ref called her out for "not falling small". So back in the penalty box she goes. (for those of you who don't know derby rules, no. That is not, by any freaking means, a rule) She came out a third time, got through the pack, a skater went down in front of her and stuck her leg out, tripping Ivanna. Ivanna fell on top of her and got called out AGAIN for pushing from behind. Because, you know, if you fall on top of someone, you are totally shoving them from behind. This may, or may not, have resulted in someone from our general area yelling things like, "Someone get 19 (the ref) a rule book"!!!
Having no jammer for three jams did not help the Belles situation.

We were then prepping for the next game, which would be the Belles against the Slay Belles. I got approached about going in as an alternate. Um, okay? I had brought my skates because I was technically an alternate, but I never thought it would actually happen! Whee! Thank goodness I didn't drink that beer at lunch!!!!
We won that game. Something like 170 to 6? Heh. My first jam out I scored 18 points. (I was told that Roller Dex said it should have been 19 but it wasn't worth arguing. I agree)
I got to knock down 2 jammers. Knocking down a jammer while I'm jamming is the most satisfying feeling in the world for me. Which means that I probably am a bitch.
Blue Messiah tied my 18 points in a single jam. Ace still holds the record for our league with 25.
Affirmative Smacktion had some amazing blocks, which made me so happy for her. She also had the best fan sign. Smacktions number is 40 acres, and Coco was in the stands holding up a sign that said, "I want my 40 acres"! We were dying laughing.

Like I said, more detailed bout recap later. I have a lot of praise for both DCRG and the Slay Belles, some injury reports (1 break, one girl taken out on a stretcher) and more!

I have all your buttons. I've turned into a crazy cat lady, but with buttons. I purchase them by the pound!
I've also been obsessed with making these button hats lately, and selling them as quickly as I make them! I've sold every single one I've made so far, with the exception of these 2, which I just finished yesterday! I'm putting them on etsy, and in the shop. We'll see which way they sell first!

They're crochet, which I have to force myself to do during the day. I can't crochet and read at the same time, the way I can with knitting. So my crochet time tends to happen at night when we're watching tv or Dan is playing a game.
Which is too bad, considering how quickly I go through these things!

About 10 years ago, I read a book called Princess, by Jean Sasson. I remember one particular passage, about how the main character in the book, spoke her happiness, and then her life went to crap. Her husband blamed her for it, since in their faith, you aren't supposed to brag, or say out loud what makes you happy, since evil spirits will overhear and take the object of joy away from you.

On that note, remember a couple posts back how I was rejoicing that my body was as healed as a derby body could be? Then I threw my back out. Which sucks. But it's getting better. The main thing is that my knee has been pain free. Yay knee! It hurt for a year, then it got better! I was no longer in constant pain while walking, could bend it enough to go up stairs.. yippieee!

Uh huh. Should have kept my big mouth shut. Last night I woke up around midnight and had to pee. Now, in our house we have two bathrooms. One in the bedroom, which I hate using as it is FREEZING cold at night.
The other one is down the hall. We have been remodeling it for about three years. As we get money, we do something too it. We just replaced the big ugly giant vanity sink with a small sink. We threw the sink away, and for some reason I can't comprehend, put the the drawers in the band practice room.
Anyway, Dan had Her0 practice last weekend, so he put the drawers in the hallway, outside the bathroom door. I stumble down the hallway, go to the bathroom, and as I leave the bathroom, BAM! Knee, meet the corner of one of those drawers! Ow. Ow. Ow.

Limp back to bed. Fall back asleep. Wake up at 3am and have to go to the bathroom again. (Did I mention I'm drinking about a gallon of water a day right now)? Go down the hall again, and as I leave the bathroom, attempt to avoid the drawer again.
Of course, being me, I manage to slam my bad knee into it AGAIN. This time, cutting my knee and drawing blood. Argh.
Go back to the bedroom, nap for another 20 minutes and get up for work.

Now my knee hurts.
Boo hiss.

In good news, a customer brought me some home made caramels. I look forward to this little tin every Christmas. Eat one, drink coffee at the same time.. yumz.

To read about it, click the "Dill Her0 Rocks Your Face" link on the left.
As always, Dill's blog is not really safe for work, small children, easily offended people, those with pacemakers, or no sense of humor.

We kicked off the weekend Friday night, by heading over to Christopher Wests brand new art gallery, for the Naptown Calender release! Wow! Twice the people in half the space compared to last years launch! It was crazy!

Unlike last year, this crowd never, ever let up. Sure people left, but more would come in to take their place! (Psst! As always, click on the pic to make it bigger)!
The photos this year were just beyond outstanding. You can see my two pictures above. The one on the right was given the black and white treatment for the actual calender. The one on the left I want to have screened on a shirt, with the words, "sometimes I look like this" above it. It was really breathtaking. Made it totally worth the five hours of having my hair tied in knots, getting graveyard dirt in my skates, flashlights shined in my eyes by cops, and bugs dropping from 80 year old trees into my hair! Seriously, totally, totally worth it for those pictures! I need to see if I can get permission to show some of them on this blog. You can see one off to the side below, on the far right. It's Kit and Ana Slays Ya, in warrior woman garb with broad swords, and a sunset so fierce behind them it looks like the world is on fire. I am SO buying that print!

Dill got asked for his autograph on his "Reservoir Dogs" photo. Smackie appears to be getting ready to nom this poor womans brains. Aha! That's how she always looks so good!!!
Me getting asked to sign my pic in the calender.
JRoller getting asked to sign her pic in Knockdown Knits!
Me and Nay. This was before she asked me to sign her butt, and after I asked her to sign my boob. See what you miss when you miss an NRG event?

We wanted to go out afterwards, but we had to be responsible adults since we were catering at an elementary school in the morning! Breakfast with Santa! Not only did we get to make some extra money serving coffee, we got some yummy donuts afterwards, and Dan got to give Santa his Christmas list! (Happy family, good health... I wanted him to ask for a pony. boo.)
We spent the rest of Saturday working, then going to Matt and Kristin's baby shower (very, very late mind you) then Dan whipped up salsa and the boys had Her0 practice.

Sunday we worked and Dan went with Will to the... Colts game! One of our customers gave us tickets. I couldn't go since I had practice, so Dan took Will. He's never been to a football game before, and since we figure we own at least a couple of bricks of Lucas Oil, might as well go right?

He had a good time, and the seats were ridiculously close. Like, you could see the expressions on the players faces close!

I just got sweaty practice with push ups and mile runs and and military presses. Grrrz. Of course, since I was just recently bragging on the fact that my body is all healed (for a derby girl of course) I threw my back out Friday morning. So Sunday's practice freaking HURT. I couldn't seem to stretch my stride out, and every time I stopped skating my lower back would actually spasm. Stupid.
It was still a good practice though. We're all gearing up for the team selection and tryouts that are going on over the next two weeks. It's going to be a close call as to who makes the Sirens for Jan. and who doesn't. We're also doing tryouts for the WFTDA roster. Lots of new girls want that spot, and have been working very, very hard for it. The big question is going to be... how bad the the vets still want it? Who's showing up to the most practices? Making the most improvements? Knowledgeable about the rules? Nothing is going to be certain this season. Almost all of us are on our toes!

For those of you in the Indy area, make sure to pick up this months issue of Carmel Magazine! Jen X of the Naptown Roller Girls is featured knitting the "You're A Star" tool bag from Knockdown Knits!
Also, I heard a rumor that I'm in the current issue of Blood and Thunder. I need to order a copy so I can check it out!

Alright, for those of you that need a super fast, economical knit, here it is!

You'll need:
1 16" US size 8 circular needle
1 set US size 8 double pointed needle
1 tapestry needle
MC-1 skein Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Coal
CC-1 skein Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Tulip
Stitch marker

CO 84 sts with MC
Join without twisting, and pm to mark beginning of round
Work 2x2 rib for 12 rows
With CC, work 4 rows in 2x2 rib
With MC, work 2x2 rib for 5"
Next row, k2, p2tog around (switch to dpn's when necessary)
Next row, k2tog, p1 around
next row, k2tog, p2tog. repeat until 8 sts remain
Cut yarn, leaving a 12" tail
With tapestry needle, thread through remaining sts and pull closed. Weave in all ends.

There you go! For about $5 you have a quick, stylish knit for the holiday gift giving!!!

Here are pics of the hat, and a showcase of the trials of taking a picture of yourself while holding a Chihuahua.
Sassy Attacks!

Sassy pushes the camera away at the last second

Sassy attacks again!

And that is why you should never try to take a picture of yourself while holding a Chihuahua.

Some days, the little things get big, really quick.

Normally, on this blog, I don't talk about work. Work is great. I love my job, I love my shop, I love my customers! Hence, really boring.
My quirky, more... "interesting" customers, I don't talk about on my blog. They are real people, who could someday stumble upon this, and my snarky remark about someone ordering a no foam cap (baristas are groaning right now) don't need to have their feelings hurt. A little internal eye rolling from me maybe, and an addition to the ever growing file on my computer of funny little customer stories, and, if it's a real doozy, an email to a couple of friends that has them laughing; but that's all. Because that same clueless customer will also bring me sugar cookies shaped like Christmas trees, or hand over free tickets to the zoo, or bring me extra yarn... they are usually nice people, and don't deserve public ranting from me, about things that aren't really that big of a deal, in the grand scheme of things.
Some people, deserve a public ranting. Some people, I don't mind reading this, and realizing that it applies to them. Consider the following a public service announcement.
Retail workers/food servers/etc. are real people, with real feelings. For the love of all that is holy, please acknowledge them as such. I know that I'm just a lowly drone, with no real purpose other than to provide you with whatever it is that you desire, but it would be so incredibly nice of you, to say "hi" when I ask you how you're doing. Turning your back, and gazing out the window, holding your hand up to silence me then plopping into a seat.. um. No. Big. Fat. No. It pisses me off, makes me feel worthless, and is your way of giving me a stern reminder that I am the person that serves you.
It's not just here either. How many times do you walk into a store like Meijer, or Kohls, and watch how people treat the greeter or the retail workers? Most people ignore the greater, refusing to say "hi" back. Same with retail. Or, my favorite: Retail worker says, "Hi! How are you today"? And gets the response of, "Just looking".
That is the WRONG ANSWER. Someone just took the time, to ask how you are. Sure they're getting paid to be nice to you, but does it really matter? Does it kill you to respond with, "Hi. I'm great thanks, how are you"? Does the extra five seconds of speech hurt?
Granted, I have, in the past, been the painfully shy girl that hopes to not be acknowledged. I used to have severe panic attacks trying to go shopping in crowded stores. But I still was polite. I would have pounding in my ears, sweaty palms, and irrational fear, but I was still full of please, thank yous, and hellos. Do you know why? Because it's the right thing to do! We were raised better right? Didn't our parents and grandparents teach us common courtesy?
What bugs me about shopping this time of year is being around rude people. At least in my own shop, if someone tries to berate one of my employees, I could say something. If someone is snarky or rude, we can handle it, and even have a little bit of fun with them. (we have a competition to see who can get the most mean/angry people to leave the shop with a smile) But when I'm in a public store, and I watch grown adults belittle retail workers, cashiers, or wait staff, it's infuriating!
So, this is my plea to all of you. Be nice! When you're in public and having a bad day, get over yourself! You have no right to spread your venom to someone else just because they are in the position of serving you.
And if you come in my shop, and aren't ordering anything, just tell me. I won't get mad! Don't glare, turn away, ignore me, etc. Heck, if you're nice enough, I might whip you up a free sample of something anyway, just to keep myself occupied!
Overall, my customers are great. I just had a couple of real winners this morning, on top of having ventured out several times into holiday madness, and witnessing some real nastiness towards workers. It ticks me off.

Since I can't end my blog on a bad note, here are the little things that made me happy:
-My Paramore hat is now in 12 queues on Ravelry. 6 people have actually cast on, with several finished items. It's so freaking cool to see happy people with my pattern, and their versions of it.
-I saw the most beautiful version of my pivot and jammer hat on ravelry! A Canadian roller girl made them in her team colors of purple and yellow. They look amazing!
-We made some caramel hot chocolate with sea salt today and sampled it out. Everyone loved it, and agreed that it tastes like a chocolate covered pretzel.
-The calender release is tonight.
-Every table had at least 2 people sitting at them today, and every comfy chair and couch was full, for a good 3 hours.
-Dill made salsa last night. It was the best home made salsa I have ever had in my life. It helps that he understands that there is no such thing as too much cilantro.

For those of you rushing to finish holiday knitting, I'm going to post my super easy Knit Picks Beanie pattern up tomorrow. A hat that looks awesome, that an average knitter can finish in a day!

I'm back to jamming, but I'm not giving up my blocking fun. I spent Sunday morning in the number 4 position, holding the opposing jammer all the way around the track. (and getting in a hit or two as well)
But my bum knee is no longer holding me back from doing the jamming that I love so much. I grand slammed every time I went out Sunday, and then Monday night, this happened:

I had to leave practice at 8pm, due to stupid work and us being down to one running vehicle at the moment. We split into teams, and I played blocker the whole night and we were... losing. The score was 7 to 26. I kept pushing and pushing when I had to leave, since we were short so many girls that night. Karen was running our bench, and I told her, "Karen, it's now 25 past, but put me in ONE MORE TIME"
She was annoyed I had to jet, and went, "fine, go jam and get some damn points on the board"!!! We were all frustrated that we weren't scoring.
Fine, fine fine. I will put some damn points on the board.
Jumped on the track, second whistle blew, took off, hit the back and... boom. On the ground. Crap.
Up again, take off, hit the back, hesitate, see that Sin and Kit are both looking at me, ready to give me a good derby squish if I try to squeeze by them either way. Slid sideways, watched as Touretta went in to hit their jammer, and Kit and Sin looked right for 2 seconds. Took off, squeezed by them with my left foot in the air since there was only room for one skate on the track. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Sin see my right as I slipped by her, and she screamed at the pivot. Pivot moves in to nail me, Touretta sticks her hand out and I grab the whip and skate away.
They've still got the opposing jammer, and their team is focused on getting her through. Karen is screaming at me to move my ass, and I do. Hit the pack again quicker than they expected, slide through, and hip check the opposing jammer for good measure.
(that is 5 points for those counting)
Take off again, and again Karen is screaming from the bench for me to haul ass. Hit the back of the pack, pass 3, Sin sizes me up to slaughter me, and the whistle blows.
Heh. 8 points. Mission accomplished.
Tell me to put up points, I will put up the points ;)

Seriously though, it's a relief that my body is behaving better this year. Last year when I would try to run on my toe stops it felt like someone was knifing me in the knee. A simple knee drop would have me screaming in pain, and every time I skated my knee would swell so badly it looked like there were golf balls under my skin.
I spent all last summer agonizing over whether or not I would be able to come back. Hell, I spent the beginning of the training season wondering if I could come back. Luckily, the past 3 months my knee has decided that I'm not giving up, I will keep punishing it if it doesn't behave, so it might as well give in and play nice with the rest of my body. My shoulder learned it's lesson. Pop out of socket, I will pop you back in. (or Jane will do it for me, at our bench, while the unfortunate souls sitting in turn 4 scream and gasp and turn green watching) Hurt, and I will still practice and get hit. Aching during non-practice, snowstorms, and bad weather is acceptable. I will drink some wine and deal.
I try not to think about how many more years my body is going to put up with this. Or how bad this is all going to hurt when I'm older. I'm just going to squeeze in every year of derby that I can, until I'm finally shut down. Maybe next season, maybe 10 years from now. I'm just happy that I'm coming back this season.

It's been cold in our bedroom, and we've been unable to figure out why. We've been resorting to the space heater every single night.
Then last night, Dan rolled over in bed, and happened to peek over the edge.

Lenore, aka Babygirl, has been sleeping on the vent. We tried to get the picture of what Dan actually SAW, which was Lenore on her back, paws up, with her entire body covering the entire vent. But she saw the cell phone and tried to look innocent.
Fail little kitty, big fail.

Being a masochist, I spent the Wed. night before Thanksgiving at derby practice. We ran suicide obstacle courses, and coach let us have a little bit of fun with some derby dodgeball and derby freeze tag. Some of the girls got together for some more punishment on Thursday morning for a pre-eating hardcore workout. I slept in;)
Thursday marked our second annual Misfit Thanksgiving! It's Thanksgiving for us and all of our friends that don't have family in town, can't travel, etc. (My family goes north, a little too far of a drive for Dan and I when we have to wake up at 2am on Black Friday)
This year was a smaller group, as Candice has turned traitor and moved to DC. ;) Rusty went to have a mini misfit Thanksgiving with her, and we hung with our friends Will and Holly for some Turkey (vegetarian meatloaf for me) and Wii gaming.
Friday morning... ugh. We got up at 2am so we could open early for the Black Friday shoppers. We had a pretty steady stream of people, which wasn't bad considering that we're pretty far away from the mall craziness. The afternoon picked up a lot. Sold TONS of whole bean coffee for all the people with out of town family visiting.
Then Friday night, I had full intentions of passing out early. Instead, I somehow got talked into redoing our bedroom. We spent HOURS moving furniture around. It totally sucked, but the end result was amazing. Instead of our cramped, tiny bedroom, we now have an open, spacious place to sleep at night! Who would have thought that just moving furniture (not getting rid of anything mind you) would open up our room so much! It feels like we gained about 10 feet of space!
Saturday, we got to see my brother and his family on his way back home to TN. My niece Kyla was adorably grumpy and sleepy, but being a camera diva, you can never tell in pictures!

That's my brother and Kyla, modeling hats I made for my brother. Kyla, who, in addition to being a camera diva, is also a future fashion diva, immediately recognized the quality of the Noro yarn, and snatched it for herself. Smart girl.

George, on the other hand, was not showing signs of sleepiness. He sat next to his Uncle Dan, and decided that he was going to chill with him for the rest of the evening. They got along very well.
I went to bed early Saturday night, while Dan went for a beer with some of his friends. They ended up watching the high school football game, and seeing Center Grove come back from a 19 point deficit to win the state championship. While I normally don't give a crap about football, even I have to admit that is kind of exciting!
Sunday was practice, followed by meeting up with Farrah for what I will not admit to being my third viewing of Twilight. We then met up with Dan for some drinks and mexican food. Which I will totally admit too!

So there you have it. My not so exciting but very nice and friend/family filled Thanksgiving weekend!

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