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Long... long bus ride to MN. Even longer bus ride back!

I'll post a long recap later, but the gist... we didn't win. We went out there and just did NOT do the defense that we always do. The first period was just a mess. I got sent to the box once. One of their blockers, Black Sunshine, back blocked me (legally) and I got called for pushing from behind which gave me my fourth minor. Um what? She hit me and I got the foul? Alrighty then...
The floor was the slickest thing I've ever felt in my life, and I've skated on the Nashville Roller Girls floor! It was like trying to skate on an oil slick.. just insanity!
The highlights in brief...
by the second period we were down to three jammers, myself, Ace, and Jane. All three of us steadily got lead and inched some points back on the board. Our defense came together. I got one grand slam... but the points never went up. Ace got lead once and squeezed out one point before calling it... which never went up. So frustrating! We lost some points in our first period too.. but I'll have to watch the video to see how many. I bit it hard in the second on that crazy floor, in a critical point of the jam.. and cost us some points. I was really, really upset with myself.
Also took a face pop from Tin Lizzy in the last jam. Don't know if it was a fist or an elbow or what, but damn! My jaw still freaking hurts!

The good news...
Northstar girls were nice, and the best hosts we have ever had. The fed us, poured the liquor down our throats, danced with us, and mugged for the cameras with us. No complaints against that team at all. I would play them again in a heartbeat, and am glad that we gave them a WFTDA recommendation. They are going to be the team to beat.. and are going to shock the heck out of the derby world! I would recommend that any team go play them, and be prepared to have the skates charmed off of you by these ladies!

Like I said, detailed recap later.. it'll be a long one!

ETA- I also met the rabbit from Donnie Darko, Dill and Brownie announced with the Crypt Keeper (well, his voice anyway) and we met Michael Myers AND Jason Voorhees!!!!

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