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Head down...

Skating fast and turning left...

Tryouts are coming up for us on Sunday. Yesterday we had our normal full on scrimmage practice. It went okay for me, though after my big rant about people being "handsy" I was one of the worst offenders yesterday! Seriously! My palms were on other girls boobies more than they are ever on my own! It was stupid! I would realize I was doing it... but I still did it. Very, very naughty. Hopefully I get a chance to redeem myself tonight.
I did great in our pyramid drills. I ran balls out on my skates, and really busted ass. Not so great on suicide falls. I've been trying a technique of getting my toe stops under me before I'm even done sliding on my stomach. So that before the fall is even complete, my toes are popped under my hips and pushing me off in a run. Great in theory, but I stumbled through the actual application! My goal is for that to knock 3 seconds off of my suicide falls. We'll see how it goes. It has to be doing something since I was so focused on getting it right, that I'm sure it slowed me down a little bit, and my time was exactly the same as before. Does that make sense? My thought is that since I was so focused on my feet and where they should be, that when it comes naturally, it will easily knock my time down.

Tonights scrimmage should be good. Usually the second practice day in a row is the hardest. And Rick has been KILLING our shoulders and triceps lately. Someone decided it was a good idea to let him buy weighted bars... ugh.

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