To quote the great Cleolinda, let me show you them!

So we hit the movies last week for the midnight showing of Twilight. Joined by Farrah, Cleaver, Josephine, Kit, and several other Naptown gals, we rolled into the theater around 10:30, pleasantly surprised that thanks to our girls saving seats, we were able to sit right away, with no fuss! I plopped myself next to Farrah, while Dill scrunched with me on one side, and some teen girls on the other. (this is relevant, though he wishes it wasn't)
I was proudly sporting my Paramore hat, like the true geek that I am, and worked on a new hat while waiting on the lights to go down. It was fun. Got to chill with the girls, talk books and derby (and had one girl in the audience do a tiny happy dance when she realized she was sitting next to Naptown girls)! just generally a good time, hanging out with my friends.
Then the lights went dim, and a slow, high pitched squeal started coming from the audience. I glanced around to see the source of the problem, and realized it was me, Farrah, and Diane:)

My first impression of the movie? Loved it! I'll hit the bad parts first, so we can end on a positive!
Bad stuff:
1.The make up. Oh holy crap... who did this to them??? Why was Edward wearing such a dark shade of lipstick? Why would Carlisle and Rosalie have that much freaking cake batter on their faces??? Why did Jasper have baby powder in his hair? It was just too extreme, and distracting!
2. Jasper as Edward Scissorhands. I get it. Pain. Paaaiiinnn... Jasper wants to eat all the little humans around him and resisting is HARD! Okay. But the puckered lip bug eyed crap he was doing was just way, way too much! It wasn't until the baseball scene that he looked normal and awesome.
3. Jaspers power. Um. Hi. Did we really just cut that entire part out? Because it was important.
4. Bella sneaking out of hotel. ARGH! Alice. Sees. The. Future. She would have seen that! In the book she sees Bella dying in the ballet studio, because Bella knows that is what she's going to do, she just doesn't know how. She makes a last minute decision to slip away, which is pretty much the work around to Alice. Making snap decisions on the fly. Grrz abound for that one.
5. The kiss scene. Not the actual scene. The fact that they did not provide the audience with a remote so that we could rewind for the next half hour.
6. Alice. We need more dang Alice. They cut some of her awesome, and it made me sad.
7. The hospital scene. As Farrah put it, it was more battered wife than soul mate with the way it was acted. If you hadn't read the books, it would have made no sense whatsoever. Those of us that read the books just filled in the proper dialogue during Kristin Stewarts gasping.
8. Um. That waitress? In La Porte? What the hell was with her hair?

The awesome
1. Robbert Pattinson as Edward. Wow. I was not crushing on this actor at all, but during the movie my jaw was on the floor. He totally nailed the tortured mix of, "I love you but I kind of sort of have a primal urge to kill you". He, for lack of a better, non cheese filled description, smoldered every time he was on screen. Ugh. It was ridiculous!
2. Alice. The actress nailed Alice. From the using thighs for leverage while I rip your head off move, to her, "it's gonna happen anyway" line.. I just freaking love her. That was the character I was the most afraid for with the translation from print to screen. I was not disappointed!
3. Vampire baseball. Right up there with teenage vampire slumber party, which had better be in the third movie. It was my least favorite part of the book, but morphed into one of my favorite parts of the movie.
4. Seriously, that kiss scene. Wow. I mean. Wow. I've seen many an "R" rated movie with way more nudity, and way less heat.
5. Emmet. "Her name is BELLA". One of his few lines, and still the one with the most laughs. Again, a bit of an inside joke for those that read the books, but Emmet is just a win!
6. Rosalie was the perfect bitch. They kind of killed her with the make up, but she acted her way out of it!
7. All the knitwear in the movie. Made me happy.
8. "leave you alone for a minute and the wolves come sniffing around" Heh.
9. Bella and her mom on the phone. Dan got to hear the teen girls start some massive giggling at the "are you being safe". One of them was apparently going, "How embarassing" over and over. That in addition to the "squee" noises were probably driving Dan a little bit crazy!
10. Um. Robert as Edward Cullen. Did I already talk about this?
11. The SCORE! Holy crap. The score for this movie is amazing! I can't wait until December when it comes out. The actual soundtrack is good too. Pattinson channels Jeff Buckley. It's amazing.

Really, the whole movie was great! I even saw it again on Saturday with Dan's mom. And I may or may not be seeing it again with the girls on Sunday. This can not be confirmed, because if I were doing such a thing, I would never publicly admit it!

And I found this awesome video that someone made to one of my favorite Femmes songs.

Okay, this is not going to be the cleanest, nicest pattern ever. But I want to post something up because I've gotten no less than 3 ravelry messages and 2 emails begging for it! I'll do a much nicer PDF with gauge and everything tidied up later!

US size 7 16" circular
US size 8 16 " circular
US size 8 dpn's.
1 stitch marker
1 cable needle

I used 2 skeins of Jiffy Lion Brand in Violet. Any lighter bulky weight or heavier worsted weight should work.

*note- I didn't put the bobbles in specific places. I just scattered them throughout the hat, in the purl sections only.
The bobble stitch pattern is:
knit, purl, knit into 1 stitch
turn, purl 3
turn knit 3
turn purl 3
turn, pass st 2nd and 3rd over first st, then knit into the back of that st. Continue with purl sts.

With Smaller circular needle CO 96 sts.
Join without twisting, and pm.
Work 2x4 rib for 4" (knit 4, purl 2)
Switch to larger circular needles
Next row: Purl 12, k6. repeat to end of round. At the same time, increase 12 sts evenly. 108 sts.
Rows 1-5: purl 12, k6 across
Row 6: purl 12, c6f, p12
Repeat those 6 rows, while working bobbles in on the purl sections until hat is a total of 8" long, ending on a row 6.
Next row: purl 10, p2tog, k6, p2tog, p10. Repeat to end.
Repeat this decrease pattern, decreasing 1 st before and after each cable, until you end on a row 6, switching to dpn's when necessary.
Next row: Knit 2 together, until 8 sts remain.
Cut yarn, leaving a 10"tail. Thread with tapestry needle, and run through live stitches, pulling taunt.
Weave in all lose ends.

Fold brim, rock out like Hayley Williams from Paramore!

Like I said, I'll post a much cleaner version later. Just wanted to get something up for those of you that were begging to get started on it!!!

**** There is now a new version of this hat! Cut out & Keep did a little Q&A with me, and I decided to update Decode, make it a little longer and floppier. There is also a pattern that I did with Sweet C, for a Ice Cream Sandwich shaped Tampon Holder! Check everything out here:

Yay! I can't wait to see this one!

Had to rip a bunch back earlier, but this sucker is DONE! It's a crappy cell phone pic for now. Forgot to bring my card reader home from work.

Starting decreases!!!

I have finished the rib brim, and am 4 inches into the cable/bobble pattern!

I am in love with this hat, and want to wear it to the twilight movie at midnight tomorrow!

Think I can design and knit this by midnight tomorrow???

Alrighty... this will probably be an all day, off and on, in between customers kind of blog! Or I will get frustrated and it will only end up 2 paragraphs long and with a ton of pictures. We'll see what happens!

To start with, let me explain that when you own your own business, it's not like you can just take a vacation for three days! Getting the time off to actually go to MN, was a long, complicated process that had to be planned months in advance! When we only have three employees, it can get a bit tricky! Especially since certain parts of the weekend we get absolutely swamped with customers!

Anyway, we arranged a ride to the practice space Friday morning, where we met the bus. We didn't want to leave our car there the entire weekend. Another friend agreed to babysit the dogs and cats for us. We piled onto this AWESOME bus, complete with DVD players, comfy seats, and a secret "VIP" lounge which Dill and Brownie found in the back. There was only one problem. It was quickly apparent that the heat wasn't working in the back of the bus. In fact, while the front of the bus was getting some heat, the back of the bus was getting blasted with, what felt like, AIR CONDITIONING! In 30 degree weather! Aaaahhhh! The bus driver made several phone calls and attempts to repair the problem, but to no avail! So when I wasn't knitting, watching movies, or listening to my ipod, I was curled up on my 2 seats under Dan's coat, wearing a hat, a sweatshirt, and arm warmers!
We made a couple of brief stops to grab lunch and stretch our legs, and finally arrived in MN!
Where I discovered that my nose was all stopped up and my throat was sore from the frigid cold bus. Fantastic! Showered, changed clothes, and met downstairs to go to the North Star meet and greet.
Despite my stuffy nose, I had a fantastic time! We hung at their warehouse practice space, where they provided us with drinks and tons, and tons of food! Seriously, more food than any one roller derby team could possibly eat! And sooo good! The gals were all friendly, and I talked knitting with a ton of them! Pouge even came up and said hi, and asked if I was going to punch her shoulder on or off the track. I promised her that it could wait until the after party! We only hung out for an hour. We were just wrecked after the bus ride, and ready for a long sleep!

Woke up at 8am to... BAGELS! Those North Star gals brought us BAGELS! Yay! They also brought some Caribou coffee, for which I was grateful. I've always wanted to try it. It wasn't bad at all. Not the most fantastic stuff in the world, but not bad!
We headed back up to our rooms for more showering, and got ready to hit the local skating rink! I wish I could remember the name of the place, but it was pretty fantastic. The floor was the best thing I've ever skating on! Really grippy! The dj was... odd. First we heard Souja boy. Then Girls, Girls, Girls. Then Rhianna. Then... Barney? Totally strange.

Sin got put to work. A young girl hurt her ankle, which put Sin into "work mode". She spent about 40 minutes calming the kid down, getting her ice, getting her in a wheelchair and off for x-rays. I love Sin. A lot.

After skating it was decided that we had to get our chow on. Hungry roller girls trapped in a bus together? Baddddd! We hit the good ol' Golden Corral, after calling management and warning them that they had a bus on the way! We hit that buffet like it was our damn job, and Cozy the bus driver enjoyed a free meal on the manager for bringing so many pretty girls into his biz!

Jen X, being Jen X, did this with her ice cream:

And of course.. you can see the manager in a blue shirt and tie behind her. He commented that no one had ever used his ice cream in that manner before... heh.

Then of course, came the game. We got to the convention center at 4pm, and headed to our dressing room. As soon as we hit the track for our practice time, we knew there was some trouble. That floor was SLICK! We were sliding all over the damn place. I've never in my life felt anything like it. I said it before, but I thought the Nashville Roller Girls had the slickest floor on the planet. Nuh-uh. Nashville was like skating in sand compared to this one!
Those of us who brought extra wheels made some changes, and others took a little sandpaper to their wheels, per Northstar girls suggestion.
We couldn't really use our locker room once the game started, since you aren't allowed to skate in the hallway of the convention center. They got a decent crowd, and the merch set up was totally pro. Their track looked good, but the whole place was just a teensy bit dark.
They had one bout before us, between two of their home teams. It was showy and cute. The crowd seemed to really like it.
Our first period was next, and I will say that the MN crowd is like the Indy crowd, they respect the visiting team. No booing. That was very, very nice, and much appreciated from a group of girls that spent 10-12 hours on a bus to get there!
The first period was just... brutal. We got killed. We owned the first two jams, then after that, our defense went to crap, and their defense came together. Jammers for NSRG were sliding through our pack, racking up grand slam after grand slam while we just looked on and watched! The score after the first period was like, 80something to 19. PATHETIC!
We went off to the side and started trying to pull it together, figure out what the hell was wrong! There was a brief interjection from a couple of the NSRG skaters, letting us know they were trying to get some of our missing points put up on the score board. Which was good, they were aware of that problem.
The period break was way, way too long. First there was a 10 minute mens game of Queen of the Rink. Then ANOTHER BOUT!
Right. A bout, in between our bout. Granted, it was a short 20 minute bout.. but still. That is a long time when you're waiting for your second period. If I have one big complaint about bout production, that would be it!
Finally we got our butts back out there. But at this point we were down to just three jammers. Shady was hurt, JRoller had hurt her shoulder, of course Slammy had broken her leg earlier in the week, Ivanna we were using as a blocker... we were just running low!
The good news is, we went back out there.. and started playing our damn game... finally! We held their jammer, didn't let her go, and our jammers started getting through on their own, the way we know how. It was way too little, way too late, but we came together. After not having jammed at all at the end of last year due to my jacked knee, I was a little nervous about being one of only 3 jammers this time! For the most part, I was my old self again. Lead, get some points, call it. Over and over. At one point, I took off on the line, and FELL, but still got ahead in the pack, and got one grand slam. I called it and looked at the board, which is set up kind of like this:

Jammer= Jammer=

Each jam, the jammer points would go up for that jam, and the total points would change. This is a little different than the way we do it, which is to have one person with the score card show the audience, benches, and announcers the points for that jam, then just have the total change.
So for this jam, I got 5 points. Yay me! BUT, while it went up on the jammer portion of the board, the total score didn't change! Um. What???? I was pissed, and we were out of time outs!
Then, Ace was out. She and the other jammer both got hung up. Ace got through, squeaked out 1 point with the other jammer hot on her ass, and called it. We looked.. no points. Um. Again. WHATTT??? And no time outs, so we couldn't ask what the heck was up. Arrgh!
Can't get too pissy about it because really, at that point, it didn't matter. We were too far behind to ever catch up. If we were still playing under the 3 period set up.. maybe. I honestly think that we could have gotten much closer.
Anyway. Here comes my major, major fuck up of the night. Me and the other jammer. Lined up, hit the pack, she gets through before me and gets lead, but I'm right behind her. She would have either had to call it, or we both would have gotten points. Sweet right? Um no. I break the pack, on her ass.. and bite it. I slipped, and hit the floor. Causing me to get right to the back of the freaking pack again, and basically hand the other jammer a grand slam. Crap. Crap. Crap. That was my biggest let down of the night. I still feel awful about it. Yea, in the grand scheme, it didn't win or lose the game, but personally it hurt to do that to my team.
Anyway, I went out for the last jam of the night, and got a couple of points, mainly because Tin Lizzy got sent to the penalty box for the previously mentioned face hit. I honest to gosh, had blood in my damn mouth. Girl hits HARD! She and Black Sunshine are probably the two biggest threats on their team. They manage to get in front of you, stop on a dime, and jab their shoulder into your chest. It's truly a talent on their part.
Game is over, I've got a cup of ice on my mouth and wiggling my bottom teeth with my tongue. Ugh. We hit the dressing room, very upset with ourselves as a team over all. I'm glad that we figured it out in the second period, and it really was a wake up call for what needs to happen in our home season. And granted, going into this with some of our main players unable to make the trip, or out for injury was a definite handicap.

The NSRG girls provided us with tons more food in our locker room. Which we promptly nommed on. Then a very, very cool skater poured a little sprite and vodka down my throat. I shall not name names in case she wasn't allowed to have liquor, but bless that girl.. she knows who she is, and I needed it! By this point it was already 11pm, so we scurried our sore butts to the after party.

This bar was.... strange. Very, very strange. This crazy band was playing on stage, people were dancing, and these guys were tending bar:

Yep. Cosby sweaters and all! I ordered a sex on the beach. I got a drink with liquor and half and half in it. Whatever. Liquor was in it, and that was all that mattered! Everyone was mingling, and getting their dance on. NSRG are very, very gracious winners. Sometimes that is difficult to find. We lost to one team in particular that went to the after party, chanted at us, jeered, mooned us.. overall extremely nasty. So to find a team that can graciously win is nice.

Even the bus driver Cozy got in on the dancing action!

Everyone seemed to be having a great time. Like I said, there were a few frustrating things about this bout, but I don't blame NSRG for them one bit. This was their first time hosting, and they were just excellent to us. I would play them again in a heartbeat, I would recommend that anyone else play them as well. (especially if they are in the mood for a good ass whuppin') Once these gals get the WFTDA status set, they are going to climb the ranks very, very, quickly.

Oh, and I said it would happen. I went to the after party, got drunk... and punched Pouge in the shoulder.

Alright, alright, so she LET me punch her in the shoulder! That still counts as revenge right??? Heh. She was totally a good sport! Apparently her husband sent around my earlier blog about the shoulder injury as a myspace bulletin. Love it.

Now, little did we know, there was a horror convention going on that same weekend. Which meant that Dill and Brownie got to announce alongside John Kassir, the voice of the crypt keeper! It also meant that when we got to the bar, who should we spot but Richard Brooker! AKA, Jason from Friday the 13th! Eeek!

Then right as we were getting ready to leave, I passed James Duval. As in, Independence Day. As in, the rabbit from DONNIE FREAKING DARKO!!! I stood outside for about 30 seconds, then ran back in with my camera and BEGGED for a picture! I don't care if I was sweaty, no make up, hair in a bandanna, drunk and tired. It's the scary bunny!!!!

I am such a dork. But hot damn, that made my night!

Got back to the hotel, after a few more coke zeros and coconut rum, I was ready for a shower and bed. Brownie and Dill had other plans...

So wrong....

Ah, almost forgot to talk about another cool thing NSRG has going for them; their announcers! I only got to talk to Griz, but he was just awesome. Their announcers had a great back and forth, and were really fluid. To sweeten their awesomeness, they got our announcers Jameson.

Because Brownie and Dill need MORE Jameson. For those of you that were around for the great Irish Car Bomb night... you will understand why I am uneasy letting that stuff back in the house...

We headed back home early the next morning. Still no heat on the damn bus. Sin had a stroke of brilliance and hit a red box machine to rent a bunch of dvd's for us to watch. Finally saw the new Indiana Jones. After I poked my eyes out with sticks and tried to forget what I had seen, I invaded the boys VIP room, chugged some NyQuil, and passed out on one of the benches.
When I awoke, we were in Indiana! Yay!
Rusty picked us up, and we headed home to see the critters! I was worried about Ernie. He tends to not eat when I'm not home. Poor little guy gets worried. I opened the door and I swear, his eyes got as big as saucers when he saw me! After some crazy puppy licks we threw our bags down, made some food, and passed out!

That was it. Our big MN weekend. Love the NSRG girls. We will hopefully play them again, and hopefully beat them this time! Hopefully they continue their 2+ year undefeated streak until then!!!!

I'll post a knitting blog next. It's been crazy! Button hats? Gah. Can't make them as fast as I sell them! I've got 4 on order right now!

Long... long bus ride to MN. Even longer bus ride back!

I'll post a long recap later, but the gist... we didn't win. We went out there and just did NOT do the defense that we always do. The first period was just a mess. I got sent to the box once. One of their blockers, Black Sunshine, back blocked me (legally) and I got called for pushing from behind which gave me my fourth minor. Um what? She hit me and I got the foul? Alrighty then...
The floor was the slickest thing I've ever felt in my life, and I've skated on the Nashville Roller Girls floor! It was like trying to skate on an oil slick.. just insanity!
The highlights in brief...
by the second period we were down to three jammers, myself, Ace, and Jane. All three of us steadily got lead and inched some points back on the board. Our defense came together. I got one grand slam... but the points never went up. Ace got lead once and squeezed out one point before calling it... which never went up. So frustrating! We lost some points in our first period too.. but I'll have to watch the video to see how many. I bit it hard in the second on that crazy floor, in a critical point of the jam.. and cost us some points. I was really, really upset with myself.
Also took a face pop from Tin Lizzy in the last jam. Don't know if it was a fist or an elbow or what, but damn! My jaw still freaking hurts!

The good news...
Northstar girls were nice, and the best hosts we have ever had. The fed us, poured the liquor down our throats, danced with us, and mugged for the cameras with us. No complaints against that team at all. I would play them again in a heartbeat, and am glad that we gave them a WFTDA recommendation. They are going to be the team to beat.. and are going to shock the heck out of the derby world! I would recommend that any team go play them, and be prepared to have the skates charmed off of you by these ladies!

Like I said, detailed recap later.. it'll be a long one!

ETA- I also met the rabbit from Donnie Darko, Dill and Brownie announced with the Crypt Keeper (well, his voice anyway) and we met Michael Myers AND Jason Voorhees!!!!

For those of you that have read this blog, or any of my others... you are aware that Sassy Burrito the dog is an idiot. Cute. But very, very, dumb.
Last night she ate a red sharpie. What the frack is in a red sharpie that she thinks is essential to her diet? And imagine what Dan thought when he looks over and sees bright red all over the blanket and her face! Stupid dog.
So to date, this is what Sassy Burrito has eaten:

1 red sharpie
1 coke tab
1 mouth guard (15 minutes before I was supposed to leave for a game)!!!
1 pair of $80 running shoes
1 toe stop
4 sporks (in their wrappers)
2 bills
1 knitting pattern (the original.. thanks mutt)
1 harness
1 dog collar
1 Elevate That Ankle Pillow from Knockdown Knits (ARRRGH)
1 knit monster toy
3 balls of yarn
1 ball of SOCK YARN
2 bamboo double pointed needles
1 hat
1 coat
1 $1 bill
1 belt
2 blankets
3 books
6 pen caps

Not to mention the endless THINGS that she eats. Just little scraps on the floor. Fluff. Cat hair. Dust bunnies. The dog is a hoover.

Ernie, on the other hand, has eaten very little.
He has eaten 1 drum, but gotten into the trash numerous times until we got a baby lock on it. One of those times however, turned out to be much worse than anything Sassy has done!
Set the scene:
We're getting ready to leave for work in the morning, and Ernie seems... off. He tries to jump on the couch, and can't. He lays on the floor whimpering and panting, and when I try to pick him up, and my hand pushes he stomach, he screams like a wild dog. Flashing back to when my kitty Charcoal got cancer, and remembering how he was fine the first night, and then next day was in crazy pain, with that same reaction to his stomach being touched, I FREAKED THE FRACK OUT!!!
We scooped the dog out, and I went to the shop, while Dan waited outside the vets office for them to open. We ran tests, blood work, x-rays... racking up well over $500 in just 2 hours!!! The vet is thinking something is wrong with his spine, because he's just in so much pain! I'm freaking out at the shop, sick with worry for my little dog. Finally while Dan and the vet are looking at the latest x-ray the vet goes, "well, he seems a little gassy..." and squeezes his stomach, causing him to let out the biggest fart in history. Eyes watering, the vet decides that Ernie has eaten something REALLY BAD and we need to figure out what the heck it is. Dan goes home, remembering that Ernie had been in the trash a couple days ago. We had cleaned everything up, but had forgotten to check under the bed, where Ernie tends to hide his contraband.
One quick look, and he found the culprit. When Ern got in the trash, he also got in the remains of our Thai food. We had cleaned up the containers and such, but apparently the dog had managed to hide about 5 red chili peppers under the bed... but there had originally been closer to 20! So he had been munching on those secretly at night and while we were at work!
Ernie ended up on morphine for his horribly painful gas, and we ended up with an $800 vet bill and a dislike of Thai food...

Which is why that one indiscretion from Ernie trumps all that Sassy has eaten... even the damn coke tab.

I've been knitting, but I've been so busy prepping for our North Star bout that nothing is getting done. A project gets picked up, worked on, then set down again!

I have however, been crocheting the absolute heck out of these hats!
Bad picture of me but you get the drift! I hung up one I made in brown at the shop, and sold it in two days. Then I hung up this one, and sold it in five minutes! Then I hung up a gray one, and sold it in 15 hours!
Moral of the story? I need to make more of these dang hats!

Soooo... while youtubing North Star, getting mentally in my game.. I came across this video. First, let me set the scene:
We're hanging at the Indiana State Fair, getting ready to skate in the parade. (side note to self... next year, make sure we're not behind the flippin HORSES!) We see these crazy guys with crazy instruments, who introduce themselves as the Circle City Sidewalk Stompers.
Then they serenade us.

Alright, packing my sweaters and socks now.. getting ready for the 10 hour bus ride on Friday...

They are hosting a "Hit-N-Knit" the night of our bout. So roller derby and knitting will be combined LIVE on November 15th in MN! They will have girls knitting, copies of Knockdown Knits for sale.. the whole shebang! Should make for an extra fun night! If you're going to be anywhere near MN on the 15th, I highly suggest attending this bout!!!

In my "mindless knitting" time I've been working on a bell sleeve shrug in some really pretty Cascade yarn. Not only is it soft, and nice to work with... it's in Naptown Roller Girl colors!

I'm getting ready to do the increases for the other arm. It's been my project that I work on while watching tv or reading a book, so it's taking a little bit longer than I want it to. Hopefully will finish it up by the weekend when it gets cold!

The election is over! Dan and I tried to stay up late, but we fell asleep with the tv on. So we learned at 3am this morning that Obama will be President. And I still didn't believe it for sure, because I remembered the whole damn Gore/Bush fiasco. I went to bed that night thinking Gore had won!
It also looks like Indiana has gone Dem. for the first time since 1964! By a very slim margin too. It's nice to feel like your one vote counted, and it definitely did in this election!
I saw most of John McCains speech, and really respected it. He is a much more dignified loser than I am;) It's not like I *hated* McCain and Palin anyway. It's just that I don't hold the same values that the republican party tends to hold. I believe in Equal rights for all people, black, white, gay, woman, etc. The republican party does not hold those same beliefs. It's that simple for me.
Dan being a military guy is definitely more down the middle. He doesn't make up his mind on who to vote for as quickly as I do.
Speaking of which... I was shocked, absolutely shocked that Prop 8 passed in California. I'm not gay, obviously, and I have no family members who are gay either. But I just can't imagine looking someone in the face and telling them, "I don't believe that you have the same rights as I do". It just dumbfounds me that the majority of Californians do. So sad. Frankly, I think Las Vegas is way more of a threat to the sanctity of marriage than a gay couple!

But it's over and done. I'm happy. I can get back to the important things in life, knitting and derby.

Had to get my mind off it somehow...

Last night was practice. It was fun, Rick KILLED our arms. I mean killed. I have never hit absolute fatigue in my triceps before, and I did last night. It was crazy.
We got to scrimmage, and every time either teams jammer went through untouched, everyone got push-ups. Sirens and Belles. Madness I tell you.
Anyway, during one scrimmage, I was playing blocker 2, and tangled wheels with I think the jammer. Went down on my ass, HARD. I haven't fallen on my butt since the first couple weeks of skating, three years ago. Usually when I fall it's on my hips or my knees. Never my butt. This time though, not only did I fall straight down, on the concrete, on my tail bone, I also sat on my wheel. Owwwwww.
Rick was quick to rush over and ask if I hurt the wheel. I flipped him off from my face down position on the ground.

Anyway, I benched for about 10 minutes, with an ice pack on my ass. But benching is just not my style. I don't like driving all the way to practice to lay on my stomach with an ice pack on my booty. So I got back up and scrimmaged the rest of the night. I didn't do any of our sneaker exercises, since going up on my toes and bending over hurt really bad. I just went to the side and worked my arms out some more.
When I finally dragged my ass home, I showered, ate, and tucked into bed. Sometime around 130 or 200am, I woke up in PAIN. Holy crap, my butt hurt. I cried, and limped out of the bedroom in search of the heating pad. Found it in the bathroom closet, and started down the hallway back to the bedroom.. and there HE was.

Vega the cat. Sweet, cudly, and hopelessly heating pad addicted. I don't mean he just likes the heating pad like a normal cat, I mean he is freaking addicted to it!
I tucked the heating pad behind my back, and began to shuffle past him.. very slowly due to my sore butt and now sore lower back.
Came from behind me. I continued my shuffle, when I heard a scramble of paws and Vega appeared before me, blocking my path to the bedroom.
"You are not getting in the bedroom" I told him.
I walked past him, while he opened his mouth and HOWLED at me in fury. I opened the bedroom door the tiniest crack, and put my foot in Vega's face to push him away from the door. I slid through, and went to shut the door as quickly as possible.
Vega had rammed his head into the door, and had now wormed his neck in. I couldn't continue to shut the door, so I put my foot back in his face, and opened it another small crack to push him the rest of the way out. He wrapped his front paws around my foot, and held on for dear life. I tried to kick him off, and somehow, in the mess, he ended up in the bedroom.
"You are not, I repeat, NOT getting this freaking heating pad. It's nice outside, you have a fur coat, and I am sore and need sleep. Bugger off cat"!
I plugged the heating pad in, and set it on the bed for me to lay on. Before I could even begin to slide in, Vega was there, on the pad. I shoved him off onto Dan, who sputtered, scooped him up, and tossed him off the other side of the bed. I sat down, went to slide myself up onto the pad so I could lay down, and the stupid cat was already there. I slid him off the bed AGAIN, and laid down on the pad.
Sigh. Bliss. Heat on my sore spots.
Ooof! Cat jumped on my stomach.
Vega than began to slide his paw under my back, and paw at the heating pad. I once again shoved him onto Dan.
Ah, finally, drifting off to sleep.
All of a sudden, I felt a digging, yes DIGGING, at my side. It was Vega, frantically trying to dig the heating pad out from under me. I scooped him up, limped out of bed, and threw him out the door.
Now I don't know what happened here. I know I tossed him out, but the cat is a freaking ninja. Because when I turned back around, he was jumping back onto the bed, and heading towards my heating pad. Rawr!!!
Tossed him off again, and flopped down way harder than I needed to so I could claim my pad before the stupid cat. I spent the rest of the night, what little there was left, getting no sleep from a combination of pain, and pain in the arse cat! Any little movement I made, he was watching, waiting to claim some little section of heating pad. I finally drifted off to sleep around 330, and when I woke up at 400 he was somehow halfway on the pad, scrunched into a little tiny ball. When we left for work this morning he was pacing in front of the bedroom door. He knows the heating pad is out, and on the bed, and he wants it.
Tonight should be interesting. Is there a kitty rehab for heating pads? I've even tried turning the vibration on while he was sleeping on the pad. Didn't phase him a bit!

So I am very tired, and very sore this morning, and the shop has been slammed all day. We opened a little early because of voting, and we've seen a solid mass of people all morning. Great for us, and even greater for our country. (Fingers crossed)

I love when 2 of my favorite things get combined! In this case, it's LOL cats, ala icanhazcheezburger and Nine Inch Nails.

Check out the site at It's teh awesome.

This chick rocks!

Wow says I. Read about it on her blog.

Skating fast and turning left...

Tryouts are coming up for us on Sunday. Yesterday we had our normal full on scrimmage practice. It went okay for me, though after my big rant about people being "handsy" I was one of the worst offenders yesterday! Seriously! My palms were on other girls boobies more than they are ever on my own! It was stupid! I would realize I was doing it... but I still did it. Very, very naughty. Hopefully I get a chance to redeem myself tonight.
I did great in our pyramid drills. I ran balls out on my skates, and really busted ass. Not so great on suicide falls. I've been trying a technique of getting my toe stops under me before I'm even done sliding on my stomach. So that before the fall is even complete, my toes are popped under my hips and pushing me off in a run. Great in theory, but I stumbled through the actual application! My goal is for that to knock 3 seconds off of my suicide falls. We'll see how it goes. It has to be doing something since I was so focused on getting it right, that I'm sure it slowed me down a little bit, and my time was exactly the same as before. Does that make sense? My thought is that since I was so focused on my feet and where they should be, that when it comes naturally, it will easily knock my time down.

Tonights scrimmage should be good. Usually the second practice day in a row is the hardest. And Rick has been KILLING our shoulders and triceps lately. Someone decided it was a good idea to let him buy weighted bars... ugh.

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