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It's almost time...

For Sassy Burrito to turn ONE!

Here she is almost 12 months ago...

Who would have thought that I would have let her live a whole year???? Hmmm... though the year isn't up yet. And considering last night she DESTROYED a pillow that I knit, then woke us up at midnight with insane barking... maybe we should run a bet on whether she makes it to her birthday!
The cute. It is all that saves her ass...

2 Responses to “It's almost time...”

  1. That itty tongue in the third picture is so Cute Overload worthy.

  2. Hey Joan of Dark, Nia Capps here of www.derbyluv.com. I was wondering if you wouldn't contact me with the possibility of some news from naptown, and news about your various interesting projects, or at least some shared links - or permission for me to post about your stuff....

    let me know!
    Nia Capps

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