For Sassy Burrito to turn ONE!

Here she is almost 12 months ago...

Who would have thought that I would have let her live a whole year???? Hmmm... though the year isn't up yet. And considering last night she DESTROYED a pillow that I knit, then woke us up at midnight with insane barking... maybe we should run a bet on whether she makes it to her birthday!
The cute. It is all that saves her ass...

Whew! It has been busy here! I meant to post more on Carole King being in my coffee shop, but ended up getting busy with knitting, book stuff, and catering!
Anyway, the basic rundown:

Carole King was in Indiana stumping for Obama. We got a call on Monday from the Obama campaign office, asking if they could do a small luncheon with about 15 people, and possibly Carole King. "Cool with me, I'll reserve some tables for you". Easy enough right? Um. No.
Tuesday morning, we're serving our first couple customers of the day, when the phone rings. Dan picks it up, and the call goes something like this:

K(caller, who didn't block her caller id): Is the manager available?
D(Dan of course): I'm the owner, what can I do for you. (thinking it's someone calling in an order)
K: Is Carole King going to be at your shop today?
D: Um, I think so. They've requested some seats for lunch.
K: Well, I just want you to know, I believe in freedom of speech and all, but that is JUST RIDICULOUS!!!! You're going to let a COMMUNIST MUSLIM enter your shop... I just, I am NEVER coming in there again.
K: I am going to see you CLOSED DOWN. How DARE YOU!! (and on, and on, until she hung up)
D: Neato. She didn't block her number! *dials the po po*

So we filed a report, made sure the cops understood she didn't threaten us, but we wanted a record of the call in case she was as crazy as she sounded.
Seriously though. I have my politics. And Dan has his politics. The coffee shop? No politics. If McCains people wanted to rent out some seats and give me their monies.. no problem.

Regardless of the crazies, Carole King was AWESOME! She was so nice. And that 15 person luncheon? More like 50 person. But everyone was cool, and friendly. We called our worker Carly in, and no one waited more than 45 seconds for a drink. We were on fire!

Here are pics from the event: (as always, click on the pic to make it bigger)

She had some very positive things to say. Her overall message was: "Voted Republican in the past couple elections? How's that working out for you"?

I was also impressed by how she took the time to talk to everyone that came out to see her. She signed stuff, took pictures, shook hands... she gave her time to every single person there. It was great!

And instead of shutting out biz down, we actually had a lot of people come in because of it! One person wanted to know where she stood and where she sat so they could stand/sit there. Another couple had seen she was at a coffee house on the news, and called every place until they realized it was us. Pretty cool experience overall!

Just left my coffee shop...

Right after our newbies joined the league, I held a Stitch and Bitch at our house. Why have I not discussed this in over a month you ask?
Well you see, this Stitch and Bitch involved about 15 or more ladies crammed into my house, the boys kicked down the street to a bar called the Blind Pig, needles, yarn, Jason Statham movies and my famous Pomegranate Martinis and Strawberry Jam Surprise. My pictures of the event all kind of look like this:
Why did I take a picture of messy yarn on the floor? No idea. I also, somehow, managed to give knitting instructions to about 4 people at once, while knitting jammer hats myself, and working on what was probably my 5th or 6th drink... AND catcalling Jason Statham during Crank. (If you've seen Crank, you understand)
It was a great night though, and I can't wait till the next one! The boys crashed our party around midnight, having survived their first experience at the Pig. I'm very excited that the bar is survivable, as it's within walking distance from our house. It will be nice to go out for a beer without worrying about a driver.
I did get this pick of Farrah Foxhit and Josephine Boneapart:

Farrah was cross stitching and Josephine was making a sock kitty. I wish I had gotten a better picture of it because it was totally cute! Though I have to admit, I love that this picture just looks all kinds of wrong! What are you doing to that kitty Josephine???
Farrah is my derby "little sis". This means that I help her out if she has questions, that sort of thing. Though I'm trying to convince her that it also means she has to carry my skate bag and wash my stinky pads... but I don't think I have her convinced!
I can not express my love of our fresh meat enough! Though I guess they aren't fresh meat anymore, as they have a brand new team name now! The Warning Belles! I love it! I love, love, hearing the JV coach go, "Belles over to this wall"! I think it compliments the Tornado Sirens really well. Some of them have been jumping in on scrimmages, and really working their butts off. We're having a great time so far! I can't wait until we get further into the season!

Speaking of practice space, I realize I haven't shown a pic of our new spot yet!

Those are the benches that Rick made us! It was so touching when we walked in and saw those! It was not so touching when he flipped them over and had us do crunches on them! Or when he showed us the brand new calf raise benches he made us!
But he did make the bathroom twice as big, so everything else can be forgiven!

Finally, last but not least, my new gloves. Well, not MY new gloves as I'm going to sell them next month, but pretty gloves that I made. I'm fond of the lovely purple tones, and I'm going to be a teeny bit sad to see them go!

I need to weave in the ends... boo.

Check it out by CLICKING HERE

Pretty cool huh?

Whew! What a freaking weekend/Monday!
Saturday, after a CRAZY busy morning at the shop, I met up with Sweet C, Rachel, and Sweet C's sister Ali, to discuss our booth at the craft fair! Ready for the name Sweet C came up with? Aggressively Awesome Stitches. (By Aggressively Awesome Bitches) Ha! So I have been knitting and crocheting up a storm to get stuff to sell! It's going to be a nutty weekend. Friday night I'll divide my time between the Naptown booth and our booth, Saturday I'll work, do my book signing at Borders in Greenwood, then go back to the craft fair! Should be a lot of fun though!
Sunday we had our typical nuttiness, with a new twist! I recently started baking pumpkin scones at the shop. Now normally, I'll bake one batch of each type of scone, and that will get us through the day, with one or two to take home on a bad day. Pumpkin scones however, have been a whole different story! I'm up to 3 batches a day! Sunday, during our rush, (we literally have a 2 hour period where there is a line to the door on Sundays) we had people waiting for scones to come out of the oven! So I'm baking scones, icing them, running them out, then baking more! It was nuts!
THEN of course, being a Sunday, I had practice! So I suited up, and prepared for Ricks latest torture session! I was having a great start! After a pep talk (screaming) from Rick about how all of our laps had dropped on our 3 minute speed drill, I hopped out on the line DETERMINED to up my laps. I was currently at down 1/4 lap. Whistle blew and I hauled ass! At the end, I had gone up one and one quarter laps! Whoohoo!
Scrimmage was great as always! Touretta, hit me and caused what I like to call, a sunny side up! She came at my right side (thankfully, my good shoulder... well, maybe not anymore) and I saw her coming, so I braced. Um yea. This is Touretta, it doesn't matter if you brace! She hit me, and I landed on my right side! Are you following here? She hit me on my right side, so yes, I flew in the air, rolled IN AIR, and landed on my right side! I really love her ;)
Then Rick tortured us for half an hour, and we drove home in the crazy wind while I prayed the power would be on so I could take a shower! And it was! Yay!
At the shop the next morning however... the power was out. Sort of. Dan explained it to me, but I still don't understand all of it. Apparently we have three phase power, and one of the phases was out. So the dry cleaners had no heating elements, the grocery store had no coolers, and we had no bathroom light, no espresso bar, no power in the back office, and no fridges in the inventory room! Eeep!
I kind of went, "um, um, um" for a minute while Dan grabbed the catering espresso bar, which runs on only 2 phases, plugged it in so it could warm up, and rearranged lights so the bathroom and most of the cafe was lit. We had no AC, but thankfully it was cooler outside, so we just opened the door. The fridge that wasn't working was almost empty, so we didn't lose much. And we managed to open on time! The power came back on about 3 hours later, but... our espresso bar still didn't work! We called out Paul the repair guy, found the problem, ran and got the part, and fixed it for us! Crisis averted!
Went home, went to practice, and YAY! An almost all scrimmage practice! I got to pivot, block and jam, so I was having a hell of a night. I have only played pivot a few times, but at one point Touretta told me I did a great job on a jam. She is a rock star pivot, so that made me feel really good!
Then... we're scrimmaging, and at the end the refs announce a toe stop on the track! Uh-oh, that's my toe stop!
Okay, I'll be out a jam while I fix it. Go to screw it back in my plate, and I just kept thinking, "my hands must be too shaky" because that thing would not go in! Finally, after about 4 jams, Rick came over to look at it, and that's when I discovered my skate was broken! Something has happened with the threading inside the plate.
Called Dan frantic: "skate broken! Powerdyne! Game Saturday!!! HELLLPPP"
Dan called Franklin Skate, called me back: "No problem. They think they know what the problem is. I'll drop it off tomorrow, you'll have it by Wed. practice"
Oh. Okay.

So shit has gone wrong, but somehow, it's all turning out okay. My skates are in the shop, and since my toe stops were wearing down to the metal anyway, we're getting those swapped out too. And new wheels. So all in all, an okay situation!

I have other stuff to post, such as the fresh meat stitch and bitch from my house, pics of the new practice space, all my new projects for the fair, etc, but that darlings, requires me to actually unload said pics from my camera!

Instead, I will encourage you to buy this book my above mentioned gal, Touretta Lynn wrote. It's called, Roller Derby Art: Women, Wheels & Wicked Fun!
I got a sneak peak of it, and not only, to my surprise, is my picture in the book more than once, (as well as darlin' Dill Her0's) it showcases roller derby poster art from all over! I only got a brief glimpse, as it's not out in stores yet, and I only got to flip through Touretta's author copy, but the book is just so darn cool! I can't wait to get my hands on one!!!
Oh and check out our own Smackie O'Nassis on the front cover! Holy crap that is cool!!!

Wow. I've had "off" nights at practice before but last night... wow.. just.. wow. We did some hardcore ab and leg lifts. Rick, our new coach, has discovered his sadistic side. Instead of "normal" crunches, we were doing skates in the air sit-ups, that we held for long periods of time. Same thing with push ups and leg lifts. I was just dragging! During russian twists I was actually falling, having trouble staying up and twisting. That has NEVER happened to me!
Then when we were skating I was just a mess. Slow, couldn't get my lines, etc. My legs felt like they were made of lead and I was trying to skate in sand.
Blech. Hopefully that was the end of it. I do not need another practice like that.

In happy news, here are some jammer hats, pic taken with my cell phone:

I used Cascade 128 instead of the Brown Sheep Bulky, which I found required a US 10 needle as opposed to the normal 10 1/2. Which was either caused by the yarn, or my tension. Either way, the size 10 worked really well, and I am loving the finished hats!
I'm working with Wiley on a PDF for the pattern correction as well, should be up here anytime now!

This is a "what a small world" moment. Remember this post? I mentioned the really cool guy who was wearing a "knitting takes balls" tee-shirt and was in fact knitting a sock while he stood in line. (side note, I am so grateful to find that I am in the majority for sock knitting while in line)
He bought a couple copies of the book, had them signed, and hung out on the Lime and Violet podcast, where they chatted about the book! Yippee!
Listen to it HERE

Neat huh?

I mean, I saw this comic in the paper a couple of weeks ago. Not that I enjoy family circus. I doubt if anyone alive still ENJOYS family circus. Yet I read it every time I read the paper, just to see how bad it's going to be! Dill and Farris have even started what they call, "the next panel" where every Sunday they complete the Family Circus by drawing in the missing panel. It is usually very... wrong. To put it mildly.

Anyway, the Family Circus is probably the worst comic I've ever seen. It's out of touch, boring, stupid, I can not think of enough ways to describe how terrible this strip is. Though when I read it a few weeks ago, I got to use another word to describe my hatred. Racist. Check this out:

SERIOUSLY??? They seriously got away with publishing this and with NO BACKLASH???? How does that happen in todays society? Are they really getting away with so casually stereotyping Chinese culture with FORTUNE COOKIES???
I kept reading the papers, the gossip blogs... waiting for the backlash. And nothing. No reprimand, no apology, nothing.

Maybe that just goes to show that I'm the only person who still reads that craptastic comic.

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